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old injuries, new injuries, ugh

April 29th, 2008, 03:34 PM
so, Tucker is at work with me today so I can keep an eye on him. When we (my fiance & I) came home from work yesterday, Tucker was NOT himself. something was VERY VERY wrong. he did not greet my fiance at the door, and it took him a few minutes to actually get down the stairs (from up in the bedroom). when he came down, he was moving around like a 15yr old arthritic dog. slowly. (tucker is 3)

then I came home, and the same thing, he didn't greet me as usual. he was laying on his bed in the livingroom w/ the biggest, saddest, puppy eyes I'd ever seen. I went over to him and he just started shaking, then scooted to put his head in my lap. needless to say I just about lost it.

he wouldn't touch his dinner. had trouble moving. and was clearly in some pain. We made him comfortable, and helped him outside to do his business. (which is in working order, phew!) I made him some boiled chicken & rice for dinner, which he promptly scoffed down, and kept down. then he managed to hop up to the couch and lay on a blanket by the wood stove for the evening. we called our dog walker, who confirmed Tucker was not himself when he came by at noon like usual.

he seemed better today, still stiff, but moving a bit more easily. I took him with me to work so I could see how he was all day. in the event we head to the vet later on, I'd like to have a clear notion of how he's been all day.

so far, he's improving. moving better ... in fact, he's been playing and goofing off all day w/ my boss's dog in the office. he's gone for a couple walks outside, done his business (all normal), drinking, eating, etc... seems like he's just about back, but not as much enthusiasm as usual.

I just can't seem to figure out what happened... I inspected the whole house, not one item out of place, not one item chewed or ingested, nothing broken, both cats are normal... the only thing I can think is maybe he slipped on the stairs (wood, not carpeted), or maybe he took a spill off the bed and re-injured himself. For those who dont' know, Tucker was hit by a minivan about a year ago - was temporarily paralyzed on his right side, and had swelling on the brain - he's since recovered, but last night it seemed we were back to square 1, or so. he was again having issues w/ his right side (both front & rear legs) and shaking his head a little.

sorry this is so long, just thought I'd post and see if anyone has had old injuries reappear. my general rule is give it 24-48hrs to see improvement, then head to the vet. so far, less than 24 hrs later, he seems almost fine. I know we have a vet check coming up soon, so we'll probably end up in there sooner than later.

it's just so bizarre. I can't think of what else could of possibly happened between when i left him at 7:30am and our dog walker showed up at noon.

April 29th, 2008, 09:39 PM
They can do the craziest things--things you wouldn't think of--and aggravate old injuries. Cass has spondyllosis. One day she crawled under the gate between the yards to keep one of the other dogs company. :rolleyes: It tweaked her at the point in her back where the vertebrae were still partially unfused. It hurt, then she stiffened up, and I literally had to carry her in the house. So all it takes is flexing something the wrong way. :shrug:

I hope Tucker continues to improve! :fingerscr :grouphug:

April 30th, 2008, 12:45 AM
:goodvibes: & :fingerscr for continued improvement for Tucker

:grouphug: I didn't know about his previous injuries & am glad he did make a full recovery

:pray:ing this one goes away not to return :goodvibes:

April 30th, 2008, 07:47 AM
thanks guys, i think your right hazel, i think he just moved the wrong way and aggravated something. I'm happy to report he's MUCH better today - seemed perfectly normal this morning actually. had no trouble w/ the stairs at all, ran down, ran out to do his business... so whatever it was, it's passed now. phew!

April 30th, 2008, 11:24 AM
so whatever it was, it's passed now. phew!

I'm glad he's feeling better ! :highfive:

April 30th, 2008, 04:07 PM
:thumbs up good news Happy that Tucker is back up to snuff :D