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New Home = Barking

April 29th, 2008, 07:30 AM
Hi everyone, I am new to the site. My name is Shelly and I am the proud owner of two great dogs...choc lab - Guiness and a mix of husky/golden retriever - Bandit.
These guys are great dogs and we have moved to a new home(condo) this past week. Yesterday was my first full day back to work and my neighbor came to tell me my guys barked all day long. Now both of them are crate trained and enjoy their little home when we were away in the old place and never barked. Now I know it may be because of a new enviroment and while I was home with them I did practice leaving them and coming back and they did great. I am so upset that this poor woman had to listen to them all day so we changed the placement of the cages, gave them something to keep them busy for awhile but I hoping, you had other suggestions for me? They are walked/played with in the morning before we leave and they are used to us leaving. How do I get them to be more comfortable where we are now and do you think after a week or so they wil get back to the routine? Thanks!

April 29th, 2008, 07:38 AM
Oh poor lady, poor pooches and poor you...not the greatest "first impression" :sad:

Is it an apt condo or house condo? I have a terrier who thinks he has to protect me from every sound in life. He is fine in our house because he is used to all normal sounds now but if we go to someone's apt or a hotel where the sounds come from everywhere he will go "on guard"!!! Maybe they just need to get used to the new sounds. Can you leave a TV or radio on when you go out to drowned out some on the noises?

I am sure someone will be along with way more experience and better ideas to help you but if it is a new behaviour perhaps they just need to get used to the new environment.

Please keep us updated and whenever you are allowed pictures will be required of your dogs ;)

April 29th, 2008, 08:04 AM
Hi Di...well its a house condo and youre right there are new noises everywhere and yes I have left the animal planet on for them:) I am really hoping that they are just unfamiliar and it will change in time. I hate upsetting anyone with barking non-stop...just not like them to do it!