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Dog with mystery rectal issues

April 28th, 2008, 09:34 PM
Jack, my Mini Schnauzer, will be 1 year old next month. He was neutered this past February. Here are the symptoms Jack is having now:

- He licks his penis almost obsessively. The prepuce becomes inverted and has to be "unrolled" for him (possible paraphimosis) The vet says that he is very dry and has instructed me to apply a lubricant daily. If Jack is left alone (like in his crate while we are at work), he will begin licking and the process will start all over again. This began several months ago, but has escalated recently.

- He does this thing where he whips around and looks at his rectum. He never licks or chews, or drags his bottom on the ground. He just whips around and looks at it. At first we thought it was his hair growing out but grooming didn't fix it. Then we dewormed him, but that didn't fix it. Then we had the vet express his anals, but there was nothing to express. Now things have escalated to where he almost always has his back end backed into something (couch, wall, etc.) as though he needs to put pressure on his rear. He also panics before and after a BM - runs in circles or sits down. For a week or so, he would not posture to have a BM and would stand instead. The vet has placed him on steroids and an antibiotic, as well as a high fiber diet, and he has begun posturing again. However, he still has this panic over his rear and seems to stand with his rear pressed against something constantly. I can get him to play with his toys a little but he will get distracted by his bottom and stop and he would rather stand than sit. Also, if he has to potty, he will try his best to avoid going out. It is as though the bowel movement is bothering him as it passes through his rectum. The vet says that his rectal exam feels normal (sphincter control, prostate, etc) and there is no blood, prolapse, fissures, etc.

The vet thinks he could have a spinal issue. We have no recollection of any injury while he was playing with another dog or us, or jumping up on anything. Could he have a spinal issue that ONLY affects his penis and rectum and no other muscles at all? He walks, runs and jumps just fine.

I will be getting a 2nd opinion if there is no marked improvement with the meds he is on, but has anyone ever heard of these issues? The penis issue is workable, but the rectum issue seems to make him very unhappy. Could those two be related, one contributing to the other? My searches online have not been very successful.

I am grateful for any insight anyone might have!

Dr Lee
April 28th, 2008, 11:37 PM
Sounds like your vet has tried all of the standard avenues and then some.

If you are going to seek a second opinion, I agree with your veterinarian as to a possible neurologic origin. Perhaps your second opinion should be with a board certified veterinary neurologist. I would bet your veterinarian can make a suggestion. :pawprint: