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bad news/good news

April 27th, 2008, 08:15 AM
I know it's been a while, alot has been going on. (I moved to FL, bought a house, and recieved another dog(husky) Well we had Avalanche (husky) for 2 months. He never warmed up to us, or showed much affection. And my almost 4 year old made him nervous. Last week, Avy was eating a biscuit my son walked by and after about a foot or two away from him he fell, Avy bit my son in the face when he fell. He didn't rip his face off or anything, but he drew blood. My son wasn't doing anything he shouldn't, he treats animals fairly well, his only problem is he likes to try to pick the small ones up, and share his food. Anyways, Avy's previous owners wanted him back if it didn't work out. So my nieghbor (the previous owner's father) took avy until he could be picked up (my husband was very upset and didn't want avy near our son). So..Good thing is my nieghbor said that Avy looked like he had found his lost best friend when they came to get him. He was affectionate, and happy, excited. I was very happy to hear that.

It wasn't Avalanche's fault it wasn't my son's fault it was an accident, that if under the right circumstances, I believe, could turn tragic. Avy was never around a rambunctious clumbsy preschooler, he was never aggressive toward us or my children, or very affectionate either. So I think it worked out for the best, he got his family back, and we've been told that Avalanche seems much happier.

Well, after having two dogs, it was wierd only having one again, we had wanted to wait a bit before looking for another do, but it was too strange for me. So we went to the pound. We looked and interacted with several dogs, and found a puppy. She looks alot like Bourbon which is strange. Her name is Brandy, and she adores the children and us. She always wants to be in the same room with us, and she is very affectionate. She was found as a stray, and it doesn't seem she had a home after she was weaned. She doesn't know how to play w/ toys, and she is not potty trained. She adores Bourbon. Bourbon, tolerates her, he's not into playing really at all, and he doesn't show her any affection. So we are letting him take his time. He goes on extra special truck rides (in the cab with hubby not the back ofcoarse) which he loves. And we've been giving him extra special attention.

Long winded I know, but alot has happened. So I'm going to post pictures of our pound puppy in the photo section. thanks for listening.

April 27th, 2008, 07:44 PM
I saw that post, Brandy is adorable.

Why did Avalanches family not want him, then take him back? That sounds a little odd, but at least he's happy.

I'm sorry about what happened to your son. I hope he's okay.

April 29th, 2008, 06:19 AM
It was a wierd situation, they had told us they were moving and couldn't have Avy, but if it didn't work out they'd find a way. A couple of weeks ago, they had taken her father's husky. So either they didn't move to where they were going to or they got permission to have a dog. They said they didn't want to give him up, but didn't have a choice. I guess that changed after we had gotten him, and they didn't want to say "hey, we can have a dog afterall, give us our dog back".

my son is fine, he still talks about Avy. Like I said earlier, Avy wasn't a bad dog, but he just never got comfortable with my son, and for everyone's saftey it was best to give him back, once we realized just how nervous he was about him.

Thank you, Brandy is adorable. She's such a puppy. We have some behavorial things to work on like potty breaking, trying to take Bourbon's food, jumping up(mainly because it wont be so cute if she ends up being a 50-60lb dog lol), things like that

Thank you for your reply.