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Two fostering opportunities practically laid in my lap

April 25th, 2008, 09:31 AM
I`ve been wanting to get involving in volunteering for our local APL shelter for some time, but for one reason and another, it just hasn`t worked out yet. My kids and I (they are older, 11 & 16) would love to foster, but always thought DH wouldn`t go for it.
Well...his friend is needing to find a new situatation for his very large Rott. Biggie has been living at his ex`s for a couple of years, mostly kept in a garage/kennel arrangement. This isn`t working out any longer, but he can`t keep Biggie at his home because he & the resident Rott don`t get along at all. He is planning to build a kennel at his house, but that would mean Biggie is still outdoors, not much better than where he is, although he would get more attention. We`ve offered to do at least a week`s trial to see how Biggie would fit in here. He does need to be neutered (he`s 4 :eek:) and D. has agreed to do that in either case, although his parents are "imported German Rottwilers". D. is going to think it over, we`ve talked about it here for a week, but just talked to him last night. If everything works out, we will have a very large visitor at least here for a bit, and I could use some tips on how to best handle the situation.

The second thing, (which almost seems like a sign!) I opened the paper this morning to read that over 100 small dogs were siezed from a kennel (probable puppymill) in our area with many of them are going through our local APL and they are desprete for foster parents for the next 10 days at least. Now that I have DH open to the idea of fostering at least his friend`s dog, *maybe* I can get him to think over one of these???? We adopted our Lola from APL, so we "owe" them :laughing: Especially since, according to the paper, they are mostly needing 10 day commitments. The only thing I can think of that would be a stopper for getting approved is needing shots for the cat, plus I would need to do some cleaning up at home.

Please help me think these over and give me some ideas to help convince DH.