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Jumps up while sleeping in panic or pain

April 21st, 2008, 07:42 PM
Her name is Lady Matty. She is 10 or 11 and a chow mix. Rescued around age 3. :confused:

She will be laying down then suddenly JUMP up and freak out in a panic. She will try to get on my lap and under my feet. Just like when she is terrified of thunder.
She did this 1 month ago for 2 days, and now again all day sense 4am. She has these tics or panic attacks randomly, i watched her close and she had one 3 mins after laying down. And sometimes while standing up. its like some invisable thing hurts her or terrifies her. Poor thing.

I touched her all over and she doesn't seem to be in pain anywhere on the outside. Her hearing is almost gone though. She eats and drinks and her eyes dialate good.
She has some arthritis. A vet told us it is probably a back disk thing and gave us prednazone last time. But she will place her front two legs up on me when she is scared and Jump up off the floor and never cry and i don't see how she would do this if her back hurt.

She seems a tad weak in the back legs but we thought it was the arthritis, and i think she is a tad clumsy but my husband don't think so. But she trips more then a dog should.

My mom said it could be a brain tumor. One vet i called said fleas!! And our local vet said a disk. Because im weary of my vet now, i need to know if anyone out there has an idea of what could be wrong with he before i get a CAT scan. And we are newly weds on a very small income. So I'm asking for opinions before i run a bunch of tests. I love her very much.


Dr Lee
April 21st, 2008, 08:11 PM
These can be very difficult cases to diagnose as the underlying cause can be so wide. Brain tumors, slipped disc, spinal tumor, high blood pressure, kidney stones, kidney or bladder infections, numerous tumors, endocrine imbalances, electrolytes imbalances, infections, etc...

continued workup is recommended however at advanced ages, sometime there are some difficult choices on work up costs. General blood and urine profiles, blood pressure, radiographs, ultrasound and CT or MRI scans can all be sometimes needed to establish an answer.

Do the episodes seem to be improved or lessened in any way with the prednisone?

You may also want to ask your vet about therapeutic trials of antibiotics or pain medications. This may be helpful in establishing an answer or at least help offer some management options. :pawprint:

April 22nd, 2008, 10:02 AM
Yes she seems to get better. We don't know if the episodes only last so long or if the medication is working. But, yesterday she got better about 8 hours after the medicine. We gave her 1 prednisone at 9 am and at 4:45 she left my side and became normal again.

We followed that night at 9 pm with a pill and again this morning and she has been normal.

A month ago, It was about 5 or 6 hours after we gave her the meds she started acting better.. But she acted weird again the very next morning for a few hours.
we kept her on the meds for 8 days.

So, i don't know if the meds work that way or if its a coincidence. I gave her an aspirin 500mg when she started acting panicked yesterday morning thinking if its pain i would know because she would feel better after the pill. It was 2 hours later that she calmed down. Well when i take a aspirin i feel better like 45 mins later!

I kinda think the prednisone works maybe. But i don't think the aspirin did.

Today she is fine. Should we stop the prednisone and see if it comes back? Or should we keep her on it for another week?

Thank you so much,

Dr Lee
April 26th, 2008, 01:46 PM
I kinda think the prednisone works maybe. But i don't think the aspirin did.

Today she is fine. Should we stop the prednisone and see if it comes back? Or should we keep her on it for another week?

Note on aspirin. Aspirin and steroids such as prednisone negatively interact together and should, as a general rule, not be used together. Effects on liver and kidneys can be harsher and the risk for stomach bleeding is far higher, etc...

I would ask your vet as to whether to continue the prednisone or stop now. It will depend upon what conditions she/he are thinking about and the approach. Sometimes they will want a full two week course, sometimes not. Sorry I can't answer that one. :pawprint: