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New Pup

April 20th, 2008, 08:45 AM
Hey... I'm getting a new pup but i don't know what to do. Its gonna be a lab [mix] about 2 months old, and i know labs are super hyper. so should i walk with the dog and for how long? next is how do i convince the dog to go outside? what if my dog starts to bite people, do i hit with rolled up paper or something? I need help any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thanks for all the help,
Milan :shrug:

April 20th, 2008, 08:50 AM
look for a local training school for the dog also they let you know when they want to go outside to pee... you just have to show them that is where they go... im sure someone here will advice you properly i've not had a puppy in so long.

April 20th, 2008, 09:21 AM
oo, how exciting, a new puppy!

walk it for short amount of time, maybe 15-20 mins a time, a couple of times a day. this will help to tire it out and drain energy, also play games with it inside like hide and seek,(you hide behind a wall or something and call it "Rover, come on puppy!, good boy!" ) this will help with teaching a good recall later on when he is a bit older, although, you should start working on his basic obdience now, sit, stay, come, down. i would also enroll in a puppy class, it gets them socialized, and will help you with teaching him obdience. a puppy is really impressionable, so make sure it has as many good expirences with as many things as it can. hope this helps, if you have any questions you can pm me.

oh, right and post pictures!, we loveee pictures!:D

April 20th, 2008, 11:00 AM
First off, put your rolled up newspaper away.

When you bring your puppy home, it will be much like bringing home a toddler. And much like a toddler, you need patience to teach it the things it does not know. Unlike a toddler, your puppy will not be able to speak to you in a language that you understand, nor will it understand you.

Teaching it to go to the bathroom outside really isn't that hard - just time consuming. Crate training is a very important part of this - it is important to have a safe place for your puppy to go when you are sleeping, at work or otherwise too occupied to watch it. The other thing you need to do is to put your pup on a schedule. Feed it at the same time every day, walk it at the same time every day and put it to bed at the same time every day. Learn to read the "signs" that your puppy needs to go out. Usually, these are very simple - puppy stops playing or wakes up from a nap and starts sniffing around.

If you have a fenced yard, it is very important that you go out with puppy and stay out until puppy actually goes potty.

As for biting - puppies bite. They don't have hands, they use their mouths to explore. You need to teach bite inhibition. When your puppy bites you, turn away and ignore. Continue to do this every single time your puppy bites. You absolutely have to be consistant and patient. If you feel like you might loose your temper because you have a little land shark - put the pup in the crate with a nice chew toy and take a break.

You can pick up a copy of "Dog Training for Dummies" at your local Borders. And start looking for a training class. You want to find someone who believes that there is no one true method to train all dogs and that positive training is best. You don't want a trainer that is going to teach you to beat, strangle or electrocute your dog!

April 21st, 2008, 06:56 PM
Thanks everyone and ill post a picture soon.

Thanks again,
Milan:thumbs up

April 21st, 2008, 07:19 PM
Congrats on getting a new puppy, they take a lot of your time but boy it is all worth it:crazy: toys, toys and more toys...when your puppy tries to bite or pull at your clothing try to distract it with a toy, it works most every time. potty training, take pup out after every meal, when he/she wakes up, or as I was advised, set a clock or timer for every hour and take pup out, always praise them for going potty, if you take them to the same spot all the time all the better

April 22nd, 2008, 05:12 AM
Congrats on getting a pup.
well my pup is now 7 or 8 months but we rescued him at around 6 months, and he had no training, so we had to start from scratch with him, first as for the walking a couple of times a day for about 20 mins should do to start with, and i agree with the others about puppy class,
toileting is easier than you think if you keep on top of it, as soon as they wake up in the morning take out, when ever they wake up in the day take out and as soon as they have eaten,as well as in between they will soon learn away of telling you when they want to go so watch for anything they start doing which is different from normal, all 3 of mine did some thing different, one stands in front of the door crying, one stands in front of tv lol, but chaos my pup will pace up and down behind my sofa and not make a sound. if they have a accident dont worry its going to happen clean it up dont punish and reward when they do it outside.
as for the nipping they all do it mine is going through it now, what i do is a yelp noise loudly and ignore, they do it in play the same as they did with a litter, so they just have to learn bite control and then they soon learn not to do it, plenty of toys helps too. another thing is chewing if he starts chewing dont punish remove what ever there chewing and replace with something he can chew. good luck with your pup and enjoy cus there so much fun lol and remember you only get out what you put in.
oh and pics please xxxxxxxxxx