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Found a Dog Last Night - Happy Ending

Elizabeth Ann
April 18th, 2008, 10:27 AM
Last night while taking our dogs for their last walk before going to bed and I saw a black dog running around the complex. I looked at Mark and said “Here take our dogs I am going to go get that one”.

I started walking around the complex making a “come here doggy” noise. As I have mentioned before we live on a very busy corner so I kept my ear out of any cars breaking quickly.

I turned a corner to find one of my neibougher with her Boxer in one hand and the Run-Away dog in another. Once Run-Away saw me he started jumping up and down like we have been friends forever. I told the lady that he wasn’t my dog, that I had just seen him running around all by himself. Her boxer and Run-Away started growling at each other so I told her I would take Run-Away off her hands. Just then Mark showed up with one of our leashes.

We took him back to the house and I sat outside with Symon (at this point we read his tag) while Mark got the phone so we could call the number on his tag. There was no answer at the number so Mark went back inside to do a reverse search of the phone number. It turned out to be a cell phone so we were unable to get an address of the owners. Mark went back inside to look for the Animal Control number

Once Mark went inside Symon started to cry… and cry… and cry. I noticed that he was very think and wondered how long he had been running around all by himself.

Mark found the number and brought it to me so that I could call. I got a hold of Animal control and they gave us two options;
A) Take the dog to the Burlington A/C Centre and drop him off in one of their two drop off dog runs
B) Wait for her to come to our house to pick Symon up.

Option A would be easier for the owner. He/She could just go to the H/S to pick up their dog with out any paperwork or fines.
Option B would include over night fees, pick up fees, paperwork eta.

After thinking about what we would want if we were in this situation we choose option A. Animal control assured us that Symon would not be left outside all night. That they check the runs from time to time throughout the night and put the dropped off dogs inside ones discovered. But once the dog was inside the owner would be responsible for all the fines.

We dropped Symon off, said our good byes and drove away slowly. He was crying so loudly at this point that a tear came to my eye. I really wish we could have kept him until we got a hold of the owner. But as Mark said “Who knows if the owner is even looking for him, and what happens if he has any disease – do we want to take the risk of our dogs getting sick”. Mark was right, but my heart was telling me something completely different.

About an hour after we got home (and we were in bed almost asleep by this time) we rec’d a call from the owner. I let the phone ring a couple times so that the caller ID would pick it up. I answered the phone and it was the owner.

Apparently Symon got out the back door (sure) and they had been looking for him. I mentioned where Symon was and he sounded very upset about the fact that we had taken him to the A/C Centre. I told Armando (the owner’s name) that Symon was just in the drop off runs and if he got there quickly there would be a good chance that he would not be fined.

I just don’t get it – if they were looking for their dog, and if the number on Symon’s tag was a cell why didn’t they take the cell phone with them while they were out looking.

The phone rang a few times so it’s not as if the cell was turned off. I just don’t get it… anyways I am sure he is back home with his owners now.

I just got off the phone and the owners did in fact pick Symon up last night.

Jim Hall
April 18th, 2008, 11:14 AM
well at least its a happy ending and if the owner gets to shell out some $$$ so be it maybe it will be a lesson learned

April 18th, 2008, 02:11 PM
Great to hear...but either way...option A or B, I am sure the owner was fined for his dog running at large. He was proabably upset, for the simple fact that his dog has done this before..which means odds are, his fine was increased or he knew he was going to be fined.

That is what we do, with repeat DRL. If your dog is constantly at our shelter due to DRL, the fine increase goes up.

The owner should have more control over his dog, for the safety of his dog and the public.


Elizabeth Ann
April 18th, 2008, 02:52 PM
Nope - no fine. If he got to the drop off kennel before Animal control did then he could just take Symon out of the run and take him home (at least that's how Animal Control explained it to me). Unless A/C did a trace on the information we provided them (just that cell phone number on the dogs tag) then I don't see how he could have been fined.

Although I think he should have been fined. I just don't understand why the owner wouldn't have taken 1.5 hours to call us back. If I lost my dog and my dog's tag had my cell number on it I would have attached my cell to my hip until I found my lost dog. I would have answered each phone call before the first ring was done.

But I guess everyone is different.

I wish I had taken some pictures of Symon. He was very cute. I think he was a mix of 100 different breeds. Very cute.

April 18th, 2008, 03:35 PM
I just wish there were more Elizabeth Ann's in this world....So many people have reported seeing Sable but they just don't seem to get it that he won't be there by the time they call me two days later or is never right away.
My cell phone never leaves my side...that is the # the micro chip place has for contact and my 800 # is where I am or forwarded to my cell phone.

And I would gladly pay a fine to get Sable back...that wouldn't be a problem.

This guy doesn't know how lucky he was that you found his are an angel to take such an interest.

Elizabeth Ann
April 24th, 2008, 12:34 PM

Mark didn't really want me to go after the dog but I said "I would want some one to do it for me".

I think if more people looked at things that way this world would be a better place.