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Where the heck can I find a harness near Burlington??

April 15th, 2008, 08:13 PM
Lucy's here! Yay!

Lucy needs a harness, the one I got her doesn't stay adjusted properly. Tommy needs a new one too. We've been to 2 Petsmarts, no smalls or mediums. We went to Petcetera in Oakville, no smalls or mediums. We went to Ryans, Pet Valu, nothing. We even went to another place (I don't think I can say the name when I'm about to say something bad), where they DID have some, but at 8pm they close so they turned the lights out on us right on the dot of 8 - COMPLETELY dark, as we're standing there with 2 doggies and a handful of harnesses and doggy treats! So, I'm stumped. I've been to 6 places tonight with 2 doggies, I'm tirrrrrrrred of shopping but I have to get something pretty quickly.

It has to be a step in harness, could be a seat belt/car harness, can't be one that has to go over their heads, I'm willing to drive within reason or place an order online. Anybody have anywhere else in the area or online that you could suggest?