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Help for Charlotte - anti-inflammatory recommendation

April 14th, 2008, 08:08 PM
My name is Wendy and my husband and I somehow (not sure how exactly) started rescuing feral cats. We have had many wonderful successes and afew heartaches along the way. But through it all, we wouldn't change a thing. Rescuing these dear little souls is the most rewarding thing we have ever had the pleasure of being called to do. We love them all.
Our most recent rescue is a queen (about to give birth in 2 or 3 weeks) who we have named Charlotte (because she was found in a car lot :-)
Charlotte has a SEVERE SEVERE case of galactostasis which is probably due to over zealous hormones and an abundance of milk which causes the mammory glands to swell and in her case the skin is literally splitting open due to massive massive swelling. 2 of her mammory glands are so swollen and inflammed that the skin tears and alot of the skin is now black. The surrounding area is pink, blood red and absolutely horrendous looking. It breaks my heart to think she was out there dealing with this condition on her own and about to give birth.
The good news is that the vet has her on Clavamox (2 x daily) for infection and she did manage to find her a pain medication (after my crying like a baby for SOME sort of med to help her). So she is on Tramadol (1/2 a 25mg pill every 12 hours). It really complicates the situation for my vet because she is pregnant and of course there aren't many options for Charlotte that are safe for the unborn kittens. She was also anemic so we now have her on Amino B-Plex (2 x daily) as well.
I put warm wet cloths (with some epsom salts in the water) on her mammory/nipple area a couple of times a day. I am also going to start doing this more often but will do some warm dry compresses as well so as not to wet the skin too many times a day when it might be trying to heal.
My apologies if this post is too lengthy. If you could see the severity of her condition - you would understand.

My question is this, so far we don't have any anti-inflammatory medications that we are aware of that we could give her while she is pregnant that would be safe for her unborn kittens. If anyone has any suggestions (be it medication or naturpath) I am definitely open to them. Of course I would have to discuss with my vet as well but at this time we are not aware of anything we can give to help her with the inflammation. I am hoping and praying that there is SOMETHING out there that we can give her that would be safe.

Does anyone out there have any ideas??? She is such a dear sweet soul and I am going to do everything in my power to help her. I have said many prayers for this little creature and I am determined to give her the life/comfort she deserves. I appreciate all your help out there :-)

Thanks in advance.
One worried Mom!!

April 14th, 2008, 08:55 PM
Hi Wendy,

First, thank you for taking in this poor kitty, you and your husband sound like amazing people. I wish there were more like you!

As for Charlotte's condition, I don't know very much about it so I'm just going to through out some ideas and maybe between you and your vet you can find something else to help her. Aloe vera juice has anti-inflammatory properties (often used for burns in people), so that might be one option for topical application. A good brand is Lily of the Desert, and you want to make sure it has NO sodium benzoate, aloin, or emodin. For infection, some 10ppm Sovereign Silver dabbed on her skin should help (a holistic vet would know more about using this than a regular vet). For healing, Boiron homeopathic calendula ointment would be beneficial if the skin tears aren't too deep.

For a dietary anti-inflammatory, Omega3 in the form of salmon oil is one possibility. Adding 50-100mg of Vit E also helps with skin issues. And if she's overly stressed out, perhaps a few drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy rubbed in the inside of her ears would be calming without affecting the kittens. But again, as with all of these suggestions, I hope you can get some input from your vet first.

I hope Charlotte gets some relief soon! Do keep us posted on how she does.

April 14th, 2008, 10:09 PM
Perhaps the homeopathic preparation, Traumeel, will help. We give it to the dogs when they have pain, or trauma to any part of the body. This is generally the only thing the vet gives us for pain. It can also be used for cats. It is an anti-inflammatory among other things. Take a look at this article, there is a little blurb part-way down the page.

Also see this document:

You can find it in a few different formats in a lot of health food stores and I've even seen it in large grocery stores that have health food sections.