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New puppy

June 24th, 2004, 12:28 PM
Hi - I'm glad I found this board. It looks like sane and rational information :)

We adopted a rescued puppy a couple weeks ago. Our other dog died a couple months back, and at first we said 'no more dogs', but that didn't last long :)
We had almost decided on a purebred, as I'd been searching shelters, but none of the dogs seemed just right for our family.

Then we met Gemma - something told me we should meet this group of puppies. They had been abandoned in a citydump :( and some of the puppies were driven over by the back loader before they were noticed. 5 were rescued and taken to the vet with mites/lice/fleas/ injuries, treated, fostered, and then put up for adoption.

When we met Gemma - I just 'knew' she was the one for us. (does anybody know what I mean??) :)

We thought about it and then decided to adopt her. We've never been sorry - she's been just a gem.

She was initially frightened, and quiet and meek, but has just blossomed into a bratty little puppy since then! :D Her first squeaky toy - she was scared of the squeak! Now she squeaks and squeaks and squeaks!

She seems to have two irrational fears - one of loud motors...although she seems to be getting better with it as we've gone on walks and she discovers that the car/motorbikes aren't after her, and another fear of a sudden unexpected touch - she yelps in fear and drops down and cowers - whether this happens with a human or another dog (like if she's racing around and you reach out to catch her) - it is the same response. I'm wondering if you have any advice on how to handle that fear, or if it will just take time to overcome whatever it was that happened in her past.

She started puppy school last night, is very smart ;) and very much a pleaser.

Also I'm wondering if I posted a picture could you guys try to guess what you think her breed background might be?? It's really hard to tell.


June 24th, 2004, 12:35 PM
Try massaging your puppy. When she is close to you and is expecting you to touch her, give her a good massage. Start by her head and work your way down to her tail. Be gentle and she will love it for sure. It might take her some time to get used to being touched all over - but the rewards are endless. If you do this often enough, she will not ming getting groomed as much. And if you go to a professional groomer, they will love your dog for being so quiet.

I massage Mako regularly and I have been since I got him. I got thought how to in his puppy kindergarten class. It will be a rewarding and relaxing experience for you and your dog. Just do it when the puppy is calm, it won't work as well if the puppy is all wound up.

Have fun with your new pup and good for you for rescuing such a deserving pup!

June 24th, 2004, 12:36 PM
post a photo :) Im sure many people here could give you a good idea of what breed/s she is.....
I do know what you mean by "just knowing" - thats how we found Bailey our beagle mix. I was working at the humane society and she jsut caught my eye and I fell in love with her ;) if I had researched Beagles before I prob would not have chose one (which is also slightly irresponsible on my part :o )
there are traits we are not wild about and are doign our best to train her, but we absolutely love her to death anyway!
I didnt see how old your puppy is now, but it sounds like she jsut needs to be socialized with people and learn to trust :)

June 24th, 2004, 01:02 PM
I can't wait to see a picture of her!

Patience, tons of love and understanding should bring her through her fears.
I would not wish her experiences on my worse enemy. Bless her brave heart.

Thank You also for adopting her. We need more like you in todays society.

June 24th, 2004, 01:04 PM
Thanks - she is 'about' 3.5 -4 months best guess by her teeth.
Her foster family did a great job with her because she actually LOVES strangers and thinks all children were put on earth for her to love.

I'm just wondering if she wasn't 'hurt by someone's hand' at some point, as I'm sure that anyone who would throw live puppies in the dump surely isn't going to be treating them well!!!! grrrrr.....(need a boxing emoticon)

Lucky Rescue
June 24th, 2004, 01:07 PM
Congrats on taking this puppy in!!:) Yes, I know what you mean when you "just know"!

Yes, please post a pic.

June 24th, 2004, 03:46 PM

Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 24th, 2004, 04:18 PM
Ahh Susan good for you for adopting this sweetie

We are all gonna pester u now for pictures!!!!!

It will take time for desensitization, poor thing. My Sadie was same way, and still is with noises but gets better. She used to flip out for helicopters.
She still hates motorcycles.

All in time.

What got Sadie over her helicopter fear was I knew there was one coming I could hear it in the distance so I got her bowl and put food in it and took it to the yard and fed her there. She was eating, the chopper went over, no she didn't like it but she was more interested in her food.

I had a hard time with her over that until I thought about introducing food outside when the noises bother her.

She HATES bouncing balls, basketballs the larger ones. OMG but I sat at a BB hoop with some kids one day and let them pet her and let her sniff the ball . We watched them play and her fear is slowly deminishing.

All in time, give lots of love and expose her.

NEVER console her when she gets afraid of these loud noises, then she'll think she has 'reason' to be afriad. Instead, distract her with some obedience training or play ball, go for a walk, anything! :D best of luck.