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Oh Geeze...

June 24th, 2004, 03:33 AM

Someone help me.. my heart's broken into a million pieces.. :(

How can ppl do these things??

I mean, how can they put the dogs through such things? Knowing that they've been rescued was probably what stopped me from having a heart attack..

June 24th, 2004, 11:17 AM
I'll cry with you! I always cry seeing this sort of thing, the horrors of society, how cruel people can be!

June 24th, 2004, 02:33 PM
This is so horrible! I'm just overwhelmed! How do people become so cruel? I really want to believe in heaven and hell and retribution! :mad:

June 24th, 2004, 02:56 PM
I read this too - how sad/awful/horrible.

Don't you worry - God made the animals and put man in charge to look after them - not abuse them - they'll answer for their cruelty!

June 24th, 2004, 08:09 PM
There's this thing on tv, called Fighting For Their Lives, done by the Toronto Humane Society.. I've seen it millions of times, the same thing over and over again. But I still bawl my eyes out everytime I see it. I just can't believe some.. people.. can be so cruel and heartless. I think what these people need to do is be strapped to a chair, and shown what they've done to them, and what the animals could be doing (loving, etc) rather than being tied to a pole all their life, or shoved in a basement and have food thrown down to them. They need to be shown that animals aren't toys, or just a something that can be mistreated! They need to be shown that they're living, they have feelings, and they do love. But how can we show this to them? I often wonder if it's even possible.. I mean, they've obviously lived with doing this for quite some time. And I'm sure these weren't their first pets they've done this to! Their hearts have grown so cold.. I wish there was a way to show them... But I know for sure that I wouldn't be able to do it.. I wouldn't be able to face them without wanting to put them through what their pet has been through...

June 24th, 2004, 10:10 PM
humans are just so grose, so glad i dont own shot gun, would have been jailed a million times, i swear. and do you know what, they look exactly like battery hens, please buy free range eggs, it is so important to stop this treatment of animals, just like these mills, demand = supply.. thousands of creatures every day are suffering and it makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with humans, opps sorry forgot egos, that seems the problem.
got this poem the other day, seems to match what im feeling, it is by leunig-

Its eerie being good and right,
every day and every night,
being on the winning side,
and being totally superior;
life just keeps getting eerier,
and wearier and weird and strange and sad,
until you go completly mad
and wake up screeching in the night
its eerie being good and right...

i am so on my way to the nut house it is scary. i just dont know how one can ever live a truly happy life in this world, sometimes i just wished i didnt know anything. IGNORANCE IS BLISS.