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If Human Suddenly Disappeared

April 4th, 2008, 03:05 PM
The other nite, there was a 2hour show on satillite about what would happen to animals, such as dogs, farm animals and those in zoo's.

Cows and especially cattle would survive. Dogs wold go back to "pack life" like wolves. Animals caught in doors, such as dogs and cats, would probably eventually die. Also, animals in zoo's that were confined would also perish, but animals like elephants would be able to escape, maybe lion and tigers ( and bears, oh my) would as well.

The show went on, some theory, some educated guesses, on how power plants would shut down. Neuclear power plants would eventually explode when the power was shut off and back up systems, like generators, gave out.

How nature would take back over. it would take a good couple of hundred years for nature to revert back on the most part, but it was interesting to think what would happen.

Like myself, being in Canada, animals such as elephants are way out of there natural habitat. As in the show, they could survive, until winter kicked in, and they were smart enough and fast enough to move south to a warmer client. Some animals would have no problem, but many animals are so domesticated or small that they could not fend for them selves. Small dogs for example would be hunted in the cities as food by larger dogs, that were running in packs, and when that ran out, they would move out side the city.

Anyways, very interesting show. it would be interesting to see how my dog chester would fair. He'll be 1 years old on April 19th and he's an 85 pound standard poodle. yeah, i know his hair is long, and I've been asked how he can see! He's going for a cut on the 15th. I think its called a puppy cut, but its a straight even cut all over. leave a bit of a ball on his head and his face gets a closer cut. I hate those show cuts. makes me cringe. Many people I bump into think he's cute with the long hair.




Ford Girl
April 4th, 2008, 03:38 PM
It would be very interesting for sure!! I wonder how these new packs of dogs would fair seeing that so many of them are spayed or nutered since the ability to mate plays a role in where they stand in the pack. Altho if the entire pack was fixed, it wouldnt be an issue at first....

I think my dog would fair fine, infact I could see her being at the top of the todum pole willing and ready to fight for her pack but my cat wouldnt as he is declawed. Altho if either was in the house, neither would make it out.

It does really make you think about Katrina and the state a place like that was left in even tho there were humans alive and around, the animals had to fend for themselves for long periods of time.

Makes you wonder about things like man controled water systems and dams...and how that woudl affect landscape and land growth...I mean being in calgary if my dog happened to be in the yard at that very moment and could roam free, there isn't a free flowing water source near by, altho they become resourceful they really are domesticated.

I saw this on TV, but didn't watch it...I think I will if I see it on again...

April 4th, 2008, 03:49 PM
My hubbie watched it and told me all about it,sounded interesting.
I love a standard Poodle with all his hair,but maybe it's not too comfortable for him around his eyes.
Yours look adorable:dog: