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Hello from Manitoba!!

April 3rd, 2008, 11:48 AM
Hi there!! Just a quick hello to everyone on here! I'm new to this board and I hope I can meet others who live here or anywhere really that have dogs who can share tips and info and stories on their pets!!

Toby is a 4 month old Cairn Terrier who I got from all the way in BC. He is a great dog, easy to train and starts puppy classes in a couple of weeks. After having a lab I can say he is a different dog thats for sure!! He growls when he runs, digs and plays!

We live just outside of Winnipeg in Selkirk. I'm married and I have one 10 yr old and an 8 month old. Am I nuts for getting a puppy right now? YES but we lost our lab back around Christmas time and I was heartbroken (its a LONG story and we lost her due to a "rescue" shelter putting her down, one day I will tell the story) so here is Toby in his forever home and he is a joy!!

April 3rd, 2008, 12:53 PM
Hello and welcome to you and your puppy - oh, and your human family too :)

I'm an Ex-Winnipegger now living on beautiful Vancouver Island - and I don't miss the Winnipeg weather (or mosquitoes)!

The Board members are so helpful and supportive - I hope your experience with us is as positive and helpful as mine as been!

kashtin's kin
April 4th, 2008, 12:57 PM
Another 'welcome to the BB' from an ex-Winterpegger, TinS :D ! I've sort of lived all over, from Alta to Ont, but my years in Wpg were most memorable. I worked for the city, and had a small horse boarding stable south of St. Norbert...used to go up Henderson Highway to that famous hotdog stand!

I also had a friend who was/is? a vet in Selkirk (she was sort of a friend of a friend, and we lost touch once I moved to Ont)...anyhow, it's great that you joined this BB. When I first posted-18ish mos. ago?-I was having a feral cat crisis of sorts, and since then I've had tons of support and encouragement here :thumbs up.

My feral cat(s) experience turned out to be quite positive, and being on this BB is what made it so bearable; what could have been not much fun actually became a whole new, enjoyable 'world'. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here, visiting and sharing stuff, as well as learning interesting things!