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What Makes Home Made Dog Foods Wholesome

Tomer chen
April 3rd, 2008, 06:34 AM
Home made dog foods are 100% safe for your loving pet-dogs, rather than giving commercial dog foods and subjecting them to high-risk of diseases shortening their life-span considerably and seeing them die with agonizing pain and suffering.

So having decided to feed only home made dog foods to your loving pets, you can do well to make the food wholesome that is full of all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and essential ingredients invariably needed by your companions for healthy life.

Experts advise that the home made dog food should have the right proportions 40% meat; 30% vegetables and 30% starch. As the foundation is laid on meat here are the tips about selecting the meat base:

Meat that can go into the dog food: chicken; lamb; beef; turkey and eggs.
Tips: Muscle meats can be fed one at a time and not a combination of all at the same time. Ground meat is to be generally used as it is easy for mixing vegetables (chopped) and other supplements; chunks of meat can also be fed.

As dogs and cats require raw fat for healthy skin, you can feed meat with normal fat. But do not feed raw fat itself directly as this will cause pancreatitis disease. Also do not feed cooked fat as this will not be digested and can create pancreatitis. Cooked skin of the chicken should also be avoided for the same reason.

If you can afford, you can feed specialty meats like moose; musk ox; bison and venison which are expensive but are usually very pure. Poultry such as boneless chicken thighs can be fed and in addition normal amount of raw skin can be used for raw fat. In the case of poultry dark meat have more nutrition than white meat.

Free range eggs can be fed freely without fear as they are cheap, easy to prepare and are quite healthy (if they are bought from quality vendors).

Avoid certain meats that can cause trichinosis causing intestinal disorders; fever; nausea; muscular pain and such other diseases. They are bear; pork; wolf; lynx; seal; walrus; Wolverine; ground squirrels and fox.