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How To Make Home Made Dog Food

Tomer chen
April 3rd, 2008, 06:31 AM
“Commercial dog foods” available in plenty are good for dogs – This is the worst under-statement by any one ever. On the contrary, the commercial dog foods advertised spending millions of dollars in fancy colors are slow poison to your dog in the long run. Why because they contain preservatives, chemicals, additives and substances which do more harm than good for your dogs – just to earn billion dollars of profits to their manufacturers.

So what is the alternative? You can save your pet-dog from many diseases like kidney cancer; bladder cancer; skin cancer; stomach cancer; spleen cancer; leukemia; liver dysfunction; major organ failure; immune system collapse; severe allergic reactions and so on by feeding home made dog food.

The thumb rule for home made dog food is it should contain all natural substances without any additives being added. The basic formula is that your dog needs in its home made food – 40% of fresh meat – particularly organ meat like liver, kidney are very good; the meat should be fully cooked for easy digestion; 30% of vegetables – carrot; potato etc. which contain vitamins and minerals; and 30% of starch-rich substances like oats; pasta; celery; corn; pea-nut butter etc. which contain nutrition value.

The best home made dog food would be a combination of all the nutrition-rich ingredients in it. So care should be taken to make the dog-food as meat-based and supplies quality protein – egg white (egg shells are very best if ground as powder and mixed in the preparation), chicken, ground turkey; beef; lamb or fish; carbohydrates like wheat; corn; oats; brown rice; barley or soy; vegetables like carrot; beetroot; cabbage or potato. The prepared dog-food can be put in the refrigerator but not for more than three days.

You should also know what are the things to be avoided in the home made dog food – cooked or uncooked bones; chocolates; onions (causes very serious problems if given); macadamia nuts; garlic (but a small quantity cooked is not that bad and dogs relish the taste); avocados; mushrooms; grapes; raisins or any spicy or greasy foods.

April 4th, 2008, 09:45 AM
Your formula to me seems a little heavy on the carbs/starch side. If I was going through the trouble of making my own dog food, I certainly would not be adding grains such as corn or oats, and certainly not 30% of it. :yuck: