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Dog games

March 31st, 2008, 08:19 PM
Hi All....

I have a two and a half year old Yorkie/Pomeranian Mix named Mushu. He is the greatest most lovable dog in the world. I take him for walks in a park nearby where there is hardly anyone else around. This is great, but all we do is walk. I throw the ball, he chases it and thats it. I want to challenge him mentally. Any ideas of some games we can play where he is more challenged. He is a terrier and likes to dig, and search in bushes for his ball.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....


April 1st, 2008, 04:06 PM
a Kong or a Buster cube is a great way to give your dog mental exercise. Also training is a great way to exercise his mind, as for outside, you could teach his disc dog (frisbee), agility, dancing not like him standing on his back legs but more like , that will also help build a great bond between the two of you.Also you could try hiding treats in a room in the house and put them out in plain view and say seek and finding the treats will be his reward and as he gets better with it you can start making the hiding spot a little more difficult like under a piece of paper with a little bit still sticking out or in the corner of a room, and you can keep making the hiding spot harder as he gets better at it. hope this helps, if you have any questions you can pm me :)