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just a normal day

March 31st, 2008, 07:53 AM
My house is normal for me but sometimes i have to laugh when i think what is normal for my house.
i get up im the morning open bedroom door and find 2 dogs looking at me through the dog gate ready to come down and 1 dog will poke his head out from under the duvet as though to say give me 10 more minutes lol, so i take 2 down let them out. in the mean time i have the cats shouting at me in the kitchen because they want feeding all this is normal but then i go to the bathroom and in comes at least 2 cats and a rabbit how many people have a rabbit trying to get on there knee in the bathroom :laughing: if you are in the bath and the door not shut too then you get a rabbit jumping in with you partner laughs at me for talking to a deaf rabbit, i cook the dogs breakfast they have their own bedroom with single bed and duvet, and i put the fire on for the dogs even if its not that cold. :D

who else has a normal life :laughing:

March 31st, 2008, 09:00 AM
LOL, oh yeah, sounds like my life to a degree.

I am woken up, around 6:00 am, by Vlad, who thinks I'm sleeping way to long and I should be getting up to give them their breakfast. I get up, feed my 4 kitties, give them fresh water then go up to take a shower. I turn on the water and turn on the cold water in the sink. Vlad usually comes up first and drinks water. Then the rest wander in. Oksana sits on the vanity and Kiska and Maks wander in and out. I haven't closed my bathroom door since I've had my cats. They like to keep me company, and I'm usually followed by one or all of them, especially when I'm in the kitchen. I leave for work and go down and spend some time with my other kitty who was the apartment complex stray. I've taken her on as my own so I have the maintenance man give her food and I sit and pet her until it's time for me to leave for work.

When I get home I feed them and go up to take a shower and change. Again, I have company in the bathroom again. Then we all sit in the living room where I watch TV and they nap on and off and play.

March 31st, 2008, 09:19 AM
Oh, I can soooo relate.
Get up at 4:10am.
Put on coffee
Refill dogs water.
Get indoor cats food ready and head upstairs.
Fill cats water dish & feed indoor cats.
Wake up hubby
Step over puppies waiting at bottom of stairs for their daddy.
Put dogs collars and leashes on (having a hard time controlling their barking if off leash when they see possums or cats outside, not cool at 4:30 in the morning.)
Pour hubby a cup of coffee and out he goes in the backyard with the dogs.
Get the outdoor cats food dishes ready and take them out their food.
Get the cockatiels food and water done.
Get the puppies breakfast ready.
Turn on the aquarium light.
Pour myself a cup of coffee and get a swig or two.
Get upstairs and shower and dress.
Call hubby and the puppies in.
Give puppies their bully sticks.
Feed Aquarium fish.
Take another swig of coffee and head out the door. (5:30 by this time.)

Not a whole lot different on a weekend morning, maybe an hour or so later to get up and no drive to work and I get to drink a whole coffee or two, that's about all.