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Nay Bill S-203, Yay! Bill C-373 Critter Lovers!

kashtin's kin
March 28th, 2008, 12:01 AM
A couple(?) of days ago or so, THE Marko posted-it's about halfway down this page as I type-info regarding rallies this upcoming w'end to support Bill C-373 :thumbs up. This bill has been proposed by MP Mark Holland, and seeks stronger animal protection laws in Canada.

I'm not familiar with all the details of this w'end in some major cities ('cuz I'm a bit out of the loop right now), but links with more info is on Marko's post. I just thought I'd try to 'talk' it up a bit, especially when I noticed that not that many people have even viewed the post :confused: .

Considering that Canada has SHAMELESSLY toothless :o animal cruelty/protection legislation at present (which I believe have not been significantly-or at all?-amended in the past CENTURY!!), I think it is incumbent upon the animal advocate community or anyone who cares a hoot about animals to kick up a fuss!

Perhaps we can't all attend the rallies, but each ONE of us can make our voice/opinion heard (i.e. ...we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves) in an effort to make this a kinder and more fair world for our 4-legged etc. friends :pawprint: . One of the easiest things to do from the comfort of your own home! is to send your MP an email urging s/he to support Bill C-373 :D.

From what I understand, Bill S-203 is also on the table, but does NOT provide nearly the protection that critters need and deserve, hence the need to heartily!! endorse C-373. I'm sure we've all heard those unfortunately not infrequent news reports of cases of cruelty; the people concerned have often had complaints lodged against them for YEARS that enforcers of current laws have not been able to act on :eek: .

And even in cases where charges are actually laid, the maximum penalty is a not too huge fine...and the perpetrator of hideously cruel treatment of truly innocent/helpless animals is forbidden from owning critters for a period of time. A wee slap on the hand, basically, and not much of a deterrent for people who really need a LOT more of an attitude adjustment. Talk about flagrant comtempt for [insufficient] laws, and animals.

I've seen Humane Society investigators on camera over and over expressing frustration :frustrated: with their incredibly limited powers; and an individual seeking to give aid to suffering animals is far more likely to be charged with criminal trespass than the offender (re: animal cruelty) is likely to be penalized in any way!!

I'll get off my soapbox here, but it is absolutely mind-boggling to think that our crummy relevant 'protection' (ha!) laws do just about anything BUT give animals that are grossly mistreated any sort of chance of a safe haven or rescue! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE give Bill C-373 a boost (and suffering animals some hope)!!!!

I contacted my MP.....will YOU do the same?? :cat: :dog: It's about time Man's Best Friend et al. were actually treated as such by the law, and not just we who are 'owned' by furbuddies.