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WOW food cost are crazy

March 27th, 2008, 10:09 PM
I am feeding Evo Red Meat and the price just went up again. Now its $55.98 for a 28 pound bag and that does NOT include tax of 7%.

So now I feed one bag a week but at this cost its crazy. Some suggestions would be great. I have a dog that is allergic to corn, rice, wheat, soy, chicken and rabbitt. So I prefer a grain free. I will not feed a low quality diet but looking for something more reasonable. I love Innova but its more than what my food cost.
I have 4 dogs that are eating it, a 100 pound, 70 pounder, 60 pounder and hyper 55 pounder.
I thought about feeding raw again but I do not have a freezer and to buy from the group means at least 50 pounds and they only order every 45 days. Local meat is $$ as I have looked, you can get good deals on markdowns but only if you happen to be there when they do it and if they have any to mark down.
I am getting frustrated. The other dogs could eat a grain food, its just easier to feed them all the same.

March 27th, 2008, 10:20 PM
Actually, that sounds pretty good :shrug: . It costs you approx. 2$ per day per dog. Considering the sizes of your guys...It costs me more feeding three dogs raw.

Are there other stores in your area where you can compare costs? Does the store you go to offer a 'buy 10 bags, get 1 free' type program? If not, many do so it may help to shop around some.