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Sensitive skin...or more?

March 26th, 2008, 04:14 PM
My puppy-well she turned one a week ago today, has always scratched a lot. I thought it might be fleas so we did flea shampoo, but I don't see fleas on her when I look. Not enough to cause what her skin looks like. I'm wondering if this is just sensitive skin or if I should take her to the vet. We have another dog who exhibits none of the same symptoms. This is mainly in her girly I'm not trying to do doggie porn with the pics but I thought it might help if you could see the pics. Any advice would be greatly appriciated...

Edit...having issues....look for the pics in a few minutes....

Dr Lee
March 26th, 2008, 06:45 PM
It is very common for female puppies to have vaginitis. This is inflammation of the vulva and surrounding area. It can be caused by sensitivity to urine. Usually just keeping the area clean with warm washcloth and using neosporin will keep this manageable.

If the rash is anywhere else or gets worse, then absolutely, bring her to a vet asap. You may just want to run her by anyways as pictures alone are not as good as a live exam.

A note on topical antibiotics - common question if it will be harmful if licked. Most triple antibiotics creams are safe in the amounts that are normally applied to an area. Also most topical creams are designed so that the active ingredient is absorbed into the skin within 10-15 minutes. What is left over is usually just the carrying agent which is similar to vaseline.

Good luck!:pawprint:

March 26th, 2008, 07:12 PM
Thanks Dr. Lee. I know she's had one heat cycle so far, at least I'm assuming that's what it was. We haven't had her spayed yet but she does belong to my parents so i'm working at getting them to allow it. The spots are localized to this area, but in general it does seem that she has dry skin and always appears dandruffy. She's black so it shows up pretty well. It does seem like her skin is a little red at the joint on her front legs, don't know what it's called but it would be the opposite side of the elbow for a human. I think I'll try and do the warm water and neosporin for a few days and if it still doesn't seem to clear we'll go off to the vet.

Dr Lee
March 26th, 2008, 07:29 PM
The redness next to the elbows - usually pressure sores - 'normal callus' formation.

For convincing your parents on spaying - some information may help out. Dogs get breast cancer more commonly than people. Before their first heat their risk of breast cancer is 0.05%, after one heat cycle it will increase to 8% and by the time they are 2 years of age it will be 26%! Spaying early can help prevent cancer later!

Good luck and take care!:pawprint: