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Why did you get the type of dog/cat you did?

March 26th, 2008, 09:24 AM
I have two Goldens and I went with the accepted premise that Goldens are "soft" dogs, happy, friendly, active... Hmm - both of my dogs are atypical of Goldens - both are happy, both are "soft", one is a dynamo, the other is anything but; one is nervous, timid and would have fear aggression if mishandled the other is afraid of nothing.. One won't get in the water, the other won't get out. One will approach all humans for pats but preferably treats, the other ignores everyone unless she knows them.

It seems that breed characteristics are possibles not probables - at least in my case.

So... I was wondering why others chose the breed or dominant breed that they did..

March 26th, 2008, 09:51 AM
I have always had small dogs that don't shed because I don't like having to vacuum every day or find dog hair on my clothes etc. So, right now I have a tzu/bichon and hopefully if/when I get another, I would like a shih tzu or tzu/mix....more than likely from a rescue.

I have had miniature poodles, llasa apsos and tzus. The one drawback is the grooming expense, but I do love my little dogs. :dog:

March 26th, 2008, 10:03 AM
We did a lot of research. We prefer the arctic types so that narrowed it down some. We're both fond of black, grey and silver tones, that narrowed it down even further. We like long coats, so that narrowed it down even more. Wanted friendly temperment (known as the smiling dutchman :laughing:), no doggy odor and medium size, so that left us with the keeshond. We've never looked back. :D


March 26th, 2008, 10:09 AM
Now for the cats. Our first cat, Toby, was a himi cross. I love himi's, their colour points, long coats and big blue eyes. Little Max was a black domestic shorthair. I love black cats.
Big Max (another black dsh) adopted us just after Toby passed away and Little Max was around 15.
After little Max passed on, we searched some rescue sites for kittens, kittens to try to get Big Max to accept them a little easier, and girl kittens at that. Found a pair of sisters one Calico DSH (I've always wanted a Calico), and a black DSH at a rescue group and adopted them. Big Max doesn't like them anyway. :laughing: A few years later, little Gabby appeared in the backyard, cold, hungry and skinny. About 3 months old I would guess. She's been part of the pride ever since.


Elizabeth Ann
March 26th, 2008, 10:46 AM
When my boyfriend and I met he had Eddie (the 12 year old American Cocker) and I had Gizmo (the 3 year old Shih Tzu). We were a nice blended family. Then when we were ready to add to our family we added Tonka (our 2 year old American Cocker).

Mark (my boyfriend) got Eddie because a family friend had an American Cocker when he was younger named Brandi. He loved that dog and always said that he would own one of his own one day. Eddie is a head strong cocker. She (yes Eddie is a girl) has selective hearing, and does what she wants when she wants. She only cuddles when she wants (which has been a lot more often since she lost her sight). Still to this day she is not 100% house trained, but I think that just her trying show us who’s boss. I guess the best way to describe her is to compare her to the grandmother from the movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. But that is why I love her with all my heart. As if she has been my dog from the first day she came home from the breeder.

Me on the other hand wanted a dog, any dog. A friend of a friend mentioned that he had a 6-9 month old Shih Tzu that needed a new home because the Gizmo was terrorizing the other animals (two other dogs and two cats in a one bedroom condo). I offered to take Gizmo in and he was flown in from BC a month later. I had made an appointment to get him fixed the day after I rec’d him (what a nice “welcome to your new home” gift). The very first night he slept under the covers with me with his head on the pillow and we have slept that way ever since (well some times he sleep right on my head).

I have now learnt how great of a companion a Shih Tzu is. I can’t even believe what my life would be with out the little bugger (he totally lived up to his breed name Shih Tzu). He is the smartest dog that I have ever had in my life and he has so much personality. He even watches TV. When he sees other dogs (or any four legged animal) on TV he runs up to the TV and starts barked. He used to go behind the TV to look for the animal but he has learnt they are not there. He also barks at gun valance on the television. That’s a little strange but what can you do, I don’t like guns either. Oh, and Hitler, he also barks at people on TV that look like Hitler. When there is a hockey game on he sits on the floor (not in his favorite chair) and watches the puck. It is so cute watching his little head move as he is following the puck.

Then there is Tonka. We got Tonka because Mark would ONLY get another American Cocker, and again I just wanted another dog, any dog. We drove out to the breeder and it was love at first sight. Tonka only has eyes for me. Mark could have 1,000 treats in his hand and call his name, but if I also call his name (empty handed) Tonka will come to me. It’s a bit funny since Tonka was kind-of supposed to be Mark’s new little buddy… oh well. Tonka waits for me in the morning and the second he sees my eyes open he kisses me like I have been away for a month. MAN ALIVE I love him too.

Tonka isn’t the brightest star in the sky. He is tripping over things all the time… trips up and down the stairs. Walks under or over the other dogs. He falls off the bed on a regular occasion because he doesn’t really notice that he on the edge of the bed before he rolls over, but this is all part of his charm. He is so full of love that I just want to hug and kiss him all day long.

So I guess what I am trying to say I love my three furbabbie. I didn’t pick them because of their breed, it was almost like fate, and almost like they picked me.

March 26th, 2008, 11:30 AM
I grew up with Boxers so for me I knew I wanted one they are great with kids, love to cuddle and are generally just happy all around dogs. My fiance (Ryan) never had a dog growing up and didn't ever want one. We've had 2 cat's from the SPCA that both turned out to be very sick and had to be put down, it was very upsetting for our kids. A year ago I told Ryan we should think about getting a puppy, we looked into a few breeds but couldn't decide. We were dog sitting my Dad's Boxer one weekend when Ryan told me he thought he might want a Boxer, I was so happy to hear him say that LOL. We started looking into breeders 7 months ago, it took 3 months to decide on a breeder and another 4 months to get our puppy but it was worth it.

March 26th, 2008, 11:33 AM
When we got Butterscotch, I was looking just for a kitten. Preferably black & white like the cats I'd grown up with.

So - we headed to the local humane society, but they didn't have any kittens, and the older cats didn't look overly healthy. So, we passed on that place and went to the humane society shelter closer to where my boyfriend lived.

Again, no kittens. The youngest cat they had was a 6-ish month old orangey tabby who'd been dumped off after her 4th owner decided he didn't want her. We were told she wasn't friendly, but she licked my fingers when we went to her cage. The worker took her out and handed her to me, she snuggled up on my shoulder and purred in my ear.

We filled out the paperwork, handed the kitty back to the worker, and went out to buy a carrier, litter box and food. $100 in supplies later we went back and picked up the kitten.

She's nothing like what I went looking for - I wanted a cat like the ones I'd grown up with, and she's not. She's friendly but highly anti-social, not a lap-cat at all, not the right colours or coat type, but I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Honestly - I think SHE chose me, not the other way around.

Pugsley, now.

Again, my childhood was pulling at me, and I was hoping to find a pug eventually. I'd looked at breeders and rescues, but our financial position was pretty tough having just purchased a home.

Then, my mom passed away, and loneliness crept in pretty strong.

On a whim, I posted an ad on kijiji. I posted that we were a family looking for a small dog, or a young pup from a larger breed, as my daughter is afraid of large dogs.

Within a few hours, I received a reply from a man who said he had a Puggle he needed to find a new home for. We emailed back and forth a few times, while I asked him a pile of questions, and we eventually arranged to meet him and the dog.

My husband took the day off work, and we bought a collar and leash set, in hopes that the dog was a good match for us. We took all the kids and met the dog.

Well - long story short, Pugsley came home with us that Friday night. And, like Butterscotch - he is not what I originally had in mind for us, but he's fit in quite well.

Gail P
March 26th, 2008, 11:38 AM
I have two Goldens and I went with the accepted premise that Goldens are "soft" dogs, happy, friendly, active... Hmm - both of my dogs are atypical of Goldens - both are happy, both are "soft", one is a dynamo, the other is anything but; one is nervous, timid and would have fear aggression if mishandled the other is afraid of nothing.. One won't get in the water, the other won't get out. One will approach all humans for pats but preferably treats, the other ignores everyone unless she knows them.

It seems that breed characteristics are possibles not probables - at least in my case.

So... I was wondering why others chose the breed or dominant breed that they did..

One thing that occurs to me, where/how did you come by your dogs? Both from same place/bloodlines, good reputable breeder, backyard breeder, pet store, adopted, or? Of course no dog is a carbon copy of another, but you may be more likely find more consistent temperaments etc. getting dogs from the same bloodlines from well-researched breeders with excellent reputations, especially if you get to see the parents and what they're like. Not saying that you didn't do this, and that there can't be anomalies, I was only wondering since you said they're so different.

My own dogs (all 7 of them :rolleyes:), are mostly border collies and border collie mixes that I've come by through all different sources, including rescue. a couple of my rescues were born in rescue just days after their mom was surrendered so they've never known anything but good things. Another couple of rescues I have came together from New Orleans, born a few months after Hurricane Katrina and slated to be euthanized in an overcrowded shelter. Now there's a story about 2 different dogs. They are mixbreeds, one looks like border collie/cattle dog, the other one, who knows? They may or may not be related, in many ways they don't seem it, though they did come together with a bunch of other puppies and they are the same age (could tell that much since they both teethed at the same time). One is always outgoing and happy, the other one is like that as long as he's comfortable with things, but very suspicious of anything new and different, and he'll run to hide under the bed if he thinks I want to "do" anything to him (ie. clip his nails, brush him etc.) I can get those things done, but I have to very nonchalantly walk up to him while he's lying down relaxed, otherwise he's gone. Whether or not those two are related or not, they've been through the same experiences since about 5-6 weeks of age. That's approx. how old they were when transported to Canada, and then they were held at a shelter for several weeks while being treated for parasites and coccidia, before becoming available for adoption. I don't know by what circumstanced they ended up in the shelter in the US where they were going to be euthanized, if they are littermates and were caught/brought in together, or if they have different backgrounds. Very different personalities though, and I've had them since approx. 3 months of age (they're 2 now).

Why I choose border collies and bc mixes is because I want the energy, drive and intelligence of the breed. I sled with my dogs and also have a farm so for me they're the perfect breed. Huskies and other northern breeds may be more typical sled dogs, but from what I've learned many are not so great off leash and with small animals so I stick with the herding breeds.

March 26th, 2008, 11:43 AM
as for our dog... we knew we needed to have a short haired breed because of the number of ticks in our area. digging through a thick sea of fur for ticks is NOT what I wanted to be doing every evening. And in our area, a daily check is necessary (expect during winter).

We also knew we wanted a med size dog because we have a VERY small house.

I was ADAMANT about adopting from a shelter (too many dogs who need homes). And we both preferred to get a puppy or young dog. We stumbled upon a litter of pups at a shelter and were totally smitten w/ the bold shenanigans of the alpha-pup. he jumped up and hung by his teeth from my fiance's gotee... trying to play "tug"... our lovely Tucker.

as for our 2 cats, we didn't "choose" them. They both needed a home and our home was available when they both needed it, so they joined our family.

March 26th, 2008, 12:45 PM
Wife and I are suckers for scruffy looking dogs, regardless of the breed / dominate breed. Unfortunately for our sanity :D, the majority of scruffy breeds we encountered at the SPCA and private rescue were terriers. Ours can be the sweetest dogs on the planet (normally when they are sleeping) one moment and the biggest nut cases the next - terrier through and through. Wouldn't trade them for the world.

The cat is a different story ... were not looking for a cat, never wanted a cat, Gracie decided differently when she showed up under our bay window last year in the middle of January. Couldn't have asked for a better, mild mannered kitty. :lovestruck:

March 26th, 2008, 01:08 PM
We chose Puddles because she was a himmie and I love himmies:lovestruck::cloud9:.

We chose Jasper, because his picture on the shelter web site screamed at me to adopt him. Literally, something just screamed at me to adopt this cat without even meeting him. It was in an out of town shelter where my DH just happened to be at a conference that day. DH checked him out and brought him home.

I chose Sweet Pea because she was my foster and turned out to be about the most perfect cat you can have, no wait, Jasper is, well, no maybe Puddles is. All my cats are perfect:cloud9::lovestruck: (I am not biased or anything :D)

Ford Girl
March 26th, 2008, 01:22 PM
We chose a golden cuz they are smart, intellegent, good family dogs, tough and rugged and oh my so very cute!! Not to mention very goofy, great sense of humor and affectionate, good size for camping and jumping in to our large truck on her own (this alone ruled out small breeds), likes water and mud and exercise. My dog is all of these things and then some, very true to the breed in that way. But she does not fall in line with the breed standard temperment, and we know now that this could be because she is from a byb and was the only female in the litter. She shows aggression towards other dogs dispite solcialization and is argumentitive and dominent in nature...

I wouldn't trade her for a pack of "normal" goldens ever...:lovestruck: :lovestruck: And, our next dog will be a golden or golden mix...:lovestruck: (ok, maybe a Berner :cloud9:)

My cat chose me at the pound oh so many years ago...:cloud9: and I never looked back. :cat: :angel: But I do love orange kitties, always have, since I was a little girl, wanted an orange kitty!! :lovestruck:

March 26th, 2008, 01:31 PM
Hmmm. My breed of choice? Rottweilers.

I grew up with little dogs and wanted to move away from yappy. :D I love the regal look of the rottie. The temperment is a perfect fit for me. Stoic, loyal, sharp, not necessarily welcoming of strangers, rough and tumble when necessary, but gentle. There is more but I won't bore you with all the details.

I have a Belgian Sheepdog. As a working breed, I expected him to be so much more then he is and I had great hopes that (after reading and talking to breeders - including his own) he would be my obedience dog. He is very much the opposite of what I expected and I doubt that I would ever get another one.

I also have a pomeranian. Since this is the breed that I grew up with, I never expected that I would ever have another one! But little Rusty was given to me - at 7 months of age, with a lousy coat and absolutely no socialization at all. He will never have a great coat, but it has filled in a lot. He has personality in spades and I just can't imagine life without him.

March 26th, 2008, 01:48 PM
My spouse had Bailley a terrierx when we met, lol he's my dog now. As for quincy, my neighbours bred goldens when i was little, then my uncle bred and raised them. I owned Quincy's uncle years ago. Grace and i were both looking at a litter of 9 and without saying anything we had both chosen the same puppy. His nickname is moose of falump so that pretty much describes his personality. Bailley is the cutest little ant-c:censored: Wouldn't trade them for anything.

March 26th, 2008, 01:49 PM
So... I was wondering why others chose the breed or dominant breed that they did..

:o I don't think I would have chosen the breeds of my dogs if I had had the choice. The question in my case is, why did they choose me :D ?

Lucky: Chow/Shepherdx, Penny: Black Lab, Ava: Dobie/Shepherdx.

Lucky and Penny I met at the shelter I volunteered at. I didn't think twice about their breeds, only that they needed me most and I would deal with whatever came up in the future in terms of their dispositions :shrug: . I did, however, try to determine their temperaments at the shelter. One thing I've learned from experience, that's not always possible.

Ava, is a long-term foster but is considered a part of our family. I didn't think twice about her breed either, only that she needed a home and we were in a position to care for her.

If I had a chance to do it over again, I probably would have chosen a ShihTzuX :laughing:, but as it is, I wouldn't trade my furbabies in for the world :lovestruck: .

March 26th, 2008, 01:52 PM
I wanted Retrievers. Wasn't too particular though.

Ended up with a red Golden and since she was a pregnant rescue, we also have one of her pups. We think the father was another type of retriever.

I like the long noses (more room to kiss), friendly nature, intelligence. We don't know how they will react to water because they only came to us November 2007 and it's been winter ever since. By the way, WHEN WILL IT END?!?!?!? Some big fat flakes were seen falling this morning. *sigh*

I prefer dogs that can be trained for working out in the field for hunting with hubby, hiking and exploring.

I also love the fact they are velcro dogs and always want to be near. I love having them both near me and always curious what I'm doing. They are quiet when there's not much going on, but they are always ready to spring into action at any moment, even straight from sleep. They just can't get enough of being with people and going where we go.

Chose Linx because I wanted a cat and wasn't particular. He's our resident mouse/vole catcher. He's pretty independent 90% of the time and only comes around for food or snuggles. Sleeps the rest of the time. But I guess that's a typical cat.

March 26th, 2008, 02:41 PM
I've always loved cats, but in my adult years developed allergies to them. Last year I decided I wasn't going to let my allergies detract me from having a pet anymore. After a few months on allergy mediation I decided I was ready. I had barely started looking when I went to my dad's house one day and asked his wife if she knew anyone who had kittens. She told me her neighbor had made a comment that her vet had some kittens at his practice. She called her neighbor and the neighbor called the vets office. I asked if they had a black male, I wanted a black kitty and I wanted a male and it turns out they had one left which happened to be black and male. I drove over with the neighbor and they handed me this tiny little ball of black fur. I had Vlad for about 2 weeks and the day I took him to his first vet appointment I asked the vet what she thought about the two kitten rule. LOL, she told me it was a great idea and btw, they just happened to have some kittens in the back. I went and looked in this small cage. There were three kittens, two black and white and one all black. The two black and white ones totally ignored me. But there was one huddles in the corner, all black, that wouldn't take her eyes off of me.

I asked the nurse what the sex was and she said it was a girl. I didn't care what sex the kitty was, I just wanted to know. When I went out to the front desk I told the girl I wanted the black one. I brought Oksana home about 2 weeks later.

I hadn't planned on two kittens, but I didn't want Vlad to be alone. A few months later, I was on my way home from a class I was taking and stopped in the vet's office where I found Vlad. It was literally fate that made me stop. I found Maks and Kiska. Two wee things huddled together. I looked at them, so clearly in need of medical attention they weren't being given. Something inside of me said it wasn't going to be easy, but I knew I couldn't leave them there. I told the girl at the desk I'd take them. My original plan was to keep them until I found them a home. I even sent their photo to a few people asking them if they wanted to adopt two little kittens, knowing they both had to stay together. After about 2 or 3 weeks, the only way they were leaving me was if they were pried out of my cold dead hands :laughing: I knew they were here to stay.

Czarina, is a Tortie who stole my heart. When I moved into my new place, I saw her now and then. One day I found her sitting in the shade and I decided to see if she'd accept some food from me. At first she ran, but she eventually allowed me to get near her. After a few weeks, she let me pet her. I brought her indoors and she got away from me. I see her every day thought. The maintenance man feeds her the food I give him for her and I take her to the vet for regular check ups. She's to the point where she comes to me and sits on my lap for several minutes. One day I'll try to bring her indoors again. But even if she doesn't want to come inside, I'll always take care of her.

I always wanted a black cat, and an orange cat, and a calico. It's odd how I really wasn't actively looking for them yet they came into my life. They all have such distinct personalities and I love them all dearly. I'm thankful I was at the right place at the right time.

March 26th, 2008, 08:40 PM
I was looking to adopt an Irish setter but the only one in rescue got adopted before I moved in my house. Months later (was looking at petfinder everyday!) a pound posted about a red golden , dumped by the side of the road .... right after work , I left at 5 pm , stop at the store and bought doggy food , doggy bed and everything else. Drove about 2 hours to get there back home at 10:30 with Bailey :D

And since goldens are like chips , I just had to get another one .... 6 months later , saw Daisy , 8 yr old , dumped at the spca, too old to breed. I picked her up the same day , just like for Bailey. The rest is history as I started to foster for a golden rescue :D

Nelly .... after the puppy mill seizure , I just told the shelter I wanted to foster one , any one (they had different breeds from the same seizure) I was secretly wishing for a dane but just asked for a dog that would get along great with mine. And they choose Nelly for me :cloud9:

My kitties .... both from Badger , they were cute and needed a home , that was me :D they are both super cool cats ! :cool:

There's still many many breeds I want to adopt ... I love almost all extra large breeds :cloud9:

Jim Hall
March 26th, 2008, 08:45 PM
my two dogs came from the pound so they sort of picked me

all of the cats i have had except du were abandonded to me in one way or another

I picked DU because seh was beautiful a big tortise shell and when Leslie related her story about where she had been it broke my heart and I had to give her a chance for a good life.

March 26th, 2008, 10:17 PM
in chronological order of arrival-

Hunter and Shadow were our first adoptions. Chris and i went to the shelter looking for a cat... singular... it wasnt our first visit so we knew some of the ones that had been there for a while and we had discussed one that was there over the last weekend but it just didnt feel right. well we showed up to take another look around and he came around the corner with 2 kittens, 1.4lbs each. our little tuxedo boys. well HIS idea was that... now wait for this....

they matched the couch.

so we came home with two 1.4lb kittens. :)
Shadow has a thing for bags. humored only under adult supervision. :)

a few months later a friend of mine asked if i knew anyone who wanted an outdoor kitty. knowing a farming buddy of mine who just lost his barn cat i said sure!!! few days later my friend brought me by this HUGE tv box with a meowing cat in it. frankly i couldnt see her. it was over cast, they put leaves in there to make her feel more comfortable.... i didnt know at the time she was the color of every fall leaf to have fallen in the history if autumn.

i got her back to the house and debated on taking her straight out to the farm but my curiosity got the better of me. i told Chris i just wanted to bring her in for a night or two to recuperate... talk about surprised when i opened that box!! she was the prettiest, prissiest, furriest cat id ever seen in my life!! Chris immediately demanded i put her back in the box and take her to the farm right away!!! needless to say she is HIS cat now. contrary creatures that they are.

now she is our invisakitty! see how she blends in with the wall?? couldnt tell her any differently-
next came my fish obsession. ill spare you the details to that addiction.

Mister was the next on the list. we had talked abotu getting a puppy for months. my daughter was 6 at the time and really needed a companion. if i had known Chris would just show up with a puppy, i would have studied a little harder!!! we had talked about looking into a corgi rescue(my choice), golden rescue(his choice) or a cocker rescue(my choice) perhaps a lab(his choice.... seeing a trend??). well one night when Jeffrey was eh.... 7 months old?? my milk must have *just* dried up and i nursed for 6 months?? anyways, i sent him to the store for formula and he.... came back with a puppy. :rolleyes: now we have a 95lb lab mix.... who, thankfully, is totally aware he is NOT a corgi!!!

last but not least there is Frances. she just showed up... and stayed. :D we love her to pieces!!

moral of the story?? some folks dont get a choice in pets. :cool: which ones you choose should be for shallow reasons like 'they match the furniture'.


March 27th, 2008, 07:30 AM
Oh no, I forgot Snowball :rip:.

We choose Snowball, because he was the most mischievious kitty at the humane society :evil:. They were having an adopt-a-thon at the mall, and Snowball kept escaping from his cage and running down the mall. Ran after him and he looked at me and yelled: get me outta here, I need to RUUUUUUN:yell:! So I did. He was my favourite cat of all :cry: I miss him so much.

March 27th, 2008, 08:21 AM
I've always had herding breeds.I love the intelligence,trainability and loyalty.We have Tess and Nell ,a bearded and a rough collie,both are pretty typical of their breeds Tess is a bouncy at times bubble head who loves everyone and stll acts like a puppy at 13.Nell is like a shadow always with me,learns things verry quickly and can be a bit of a brat for barking if I go out without her.We also have Molly our cairn who was a foster rescue who really needed someone who could handle her after she had been bounced around.She came to us at 3 or 4 wired,not housebroken with allergies and behavioural problems too numerous to mention,4 years later we wouldn't give her up for anything.Daniel calls her our little stress dog,but she's a happy ball of fire.

Elizabeth Ann
March 27th, 2008, 08:33 AM
I've always had herding breeds..

The herding breeds are my favorites (well except for the Shih Tzus).

March 27th, 2008, 09:09 AM
One - the Duck Toller mix - had a cute and sad face sitting there at the shelter.

One - a Golden - had her face placed all over the forum here and we wanted a doggie-friend for Dani, so why not give an older dog a break?

The cats? Picked at shelter/SPCA because we liked their cute faces.

March 27th, 2008, 10:03 AM
WOW - some absolutely fabulous stories! It's amazing how many times we are picked by the animals!

To quote Gail" "One thing that occurs to me, where/how did you come by your dogs? Both from same place/bloodlines, good reputable breeder, backyard breeder, pet store, adopted, or? Of course no dog is a carbon copy of another, but you may be more likely find more consistent temperaments etc. getting dogs from the same bloodlines from well-researched breeders with excellent reputations, especially if you get to see the parents and what they're like. Not saying that you didn't do this, and that there can't be anomalies, I was only wondering since you said they're so different."

I did not do any research on the lines of the parents from either dog and I did not do any research on the breeder (only Amber is a registered Golden), Bobby is from a BYB. I now know better!

Both of mine have the intelligence and family orientation typical of Goldens but Amber particularly has an aggressive streak that has to be closely watched. I wouldn't trade either one of them for anything though! They are both such awesome dogs - different - but awesome!

March 27th, 2008, 10:03 AM
well i had never thought of having a dog till 2 years ago, my partner was at the vets with my rabbit who had myxi :sad: the vet was telling her she had rescued a litter of greyhound pups, there was one left but was waiting for someone to get back to her about having it, if they didnt would we, well on the 31st march 2006 my 2 bunnies had to be pts :sad: and to top it off it was my birthday, i cried like a baby (only like that over animals) well the other people had decided they wanted the pup so lost out there.
Well we had sat all night talking about getting a dog and decided to go to a rescue the next day just to look and see what breed took our fancy, was only there a matter of mins when we saw Prince stuck in a kennel all excited and yapping away, it was love at 1st sight. he was down as being a 9 month old whippet found as a stray with no training, ye
took him home and said no dogs on sofa no dogs on bed, lasted all of 5 mins from getting in the house :laughing: went to vets to get him done and she laughed he was around 5 months old and a greyhound X.
2 months later decided he needed a play mate and saw a litter of saluki Xs in another rescue and came home with Angel who was only 7 weeks old and tiny. by now im hooked on greys.
then 3 weeks ago went to have a look (again) at the rescue centre we got prince from but this time we wanted a small dog as my partner is expecting a baby in august, well we saw a lurcher but it was to scared no good for my busy house and then the staff said 'oh we have a very bouncy greyhound pup but he barks alot and hes big' they had him hid at the back, took one look and knew we had to have him so we took him home and named him Chaos, even though he jumped at my head and pulled my hair :laughing
So thats how we ended up with 3 sighthounds the most loving calm dogs i know even chaos.
and as for the no dogs on beds thing ye well they have there own bedroom and single bed :laughing::laughing:

March 27th, 2008, 11:59 AM
I had no choice what so ever with Basil and Streets, though it is a weird story of things all falling into place perfectly.

I was out of the country and for some reason, for the first time in my life, sort of thought I might want a dog. I was picturing some sort of docile lab mix thing from the pound, and even that wasn't all too solid a plan.

So I get back to town, show up at my sister's straight from the airport and I'm greeted by these two crazy, wiggling, matching freak dogs. They'd been abandoned in the park next to my sister's house and she and her roommate had taken them in until they figured out what to do with them.

Long story short, I decided to keep them, had no idea what breed(s) they were and even if I had known it wouldn't have meant much. I only started to figure out that they were pit bull mixes when people started yelling at me on the street when I walked them :laughing:

They're not the dogs I would have picked (their energy level alone conflicted seriously with my coffee drinking/chain smoking ways, not to mention the possible disaster of giving two untrained, very driven dogs to a total newb), but they're certainly the dogs I needed. I really can't imagine having a dog that wasn't some sort of bully (or mix) at this point.

Here's the dogs with the human boy who claimed to actually hate dogs 5 years ago. Now he can be found every evening cooing into the dog's ears about how cute they are.

March 27th, 2008, 05:30 PM
I have always had dogs around. My hubby hasn't. When he started working long hours and we lived in the country in Newfoundland that was it. I saw an add in the local newspaper advertising samoyed puppies and please can we just take a peek. Hubby was hooked. We took one of the largest most boisterous males in the litter. We failed obedience classes twice, but perservered. Kiska turned into the best family dog ever. When I had to have him put down (age 11 1/2) with a torn knee ligament I was devestated.
My hubby was out of town 2 weeks later and I saw an add for a female samoyed age 5 who was available to the right family, I packed my boys in the van and drove 1 hour & 1/2. Driving up the lane was the most beautiful, majestic samoyed with a big grin on her face.:angel: I was hooked. She sat patiently while I petted her and that was that. Rose is my dream dog.
I trully believe that things happen for a reason. Karma

March 27th, 2008, 05:35 PM
I love all these stories! And cute they are Pitgrl... and I love the drooly spots on the bed!

As for my crew it all started with Cordelia, I moved out for the first time on my own and couldn't wait to have a cat... the roomate and I went to the pet store to pick one out (before I knew better of course)... she was the LOUDest kitten I have ever seen. I picked her up and she meowed in my ear and tried to hide in my hair and I was hooked. I then later had to move in with M&D, and when I left to live with hubby was NOT allowed to take her with me. The reason I mention her though is that she was like a catilyst(sp?) for this family! My parents now have her and Fagan's sister, my brother has two cats, Fagan's brother and one they adopted from a HS... even my mom's best friend has a cat! Cordy just won us all over!

As for the 6 I have now, it all started with Windy. I chose a long hair cat, because I think they bother my allergies less, as I never had issues with Cordelia. And well I've always been a sucker for tabbies. My husband and I got Windy at the pet store where I got Cordy, and well I guess it was just a fluke, there were only two there and we just picked one. And a good fluke it was.

Smoke was my first adoption, her and her brother were at the HS here and had been left in a field to fend for themselves at about 5 weeks old, once I heard the story I had to take them both home. Unfortunately her brother Ashes had distemper and did not make it.:sad::rip::angel:

Now then we moved into the ghetto.... there were cats everwhere... and suddenly my porch was taken over by a big sweet Tuxedo boy. He came to see me every afternoon and take a safe nap, free from the torment of the neighbourhood kids. I started calling him my Buddy. And well it stuck. I took him from the neighbour and nursed him to health (had fleas worms and a nasty URI). And he's been king of this castle ever since.

Fagan is the kitten of one of the female ferals I fed in the ghetto, he is one of four I took in one spring. My brother had taken one and my best friend took one, and I was left with two, so I took them both to my mothers and made her a deal, if she would take one I would keep the other. She of course chose Fagan's sister Shadow. And this was where hubby 'put his foot down' about anymore cats....:rolleyes:

Now Palomine is a cat that definitely chose me, he started to come around vieing with the strays for food etc, and after about a week decided to go right to the source! I opened up my door one afternoon and he just waltzed right in!:laughing: And I was hooked. We took him on as a foster at first, even took him to an adoption day at PetSmart... but he got passed over and it killed me to see him in that cage so hubby took him on the road. He actually travelled in the truck with hubby for quite a while before catching a URI and having to be nursed by me, who then couldn't let him go again...:rolleyes: (hubby's foot bounced a bit here)

And then there was Asker who I grabbed as a kitten asleep in a tree. The neighbour wanted her and as my house was full I said sure. Well she spent most of her time under a bed hiding from her monster kids, and when it came time to get her fixed, this neighbour suddenly couldn't afford to keep her anymore, so she came back to live with us. And I'm so glad she did.

I have to say, I really had no intention of having so many... but now that I do I can't imagine having less! (In fact I often toy with having more when we get a bigger house!... shhh don't tell hubby, his foot is back on the ground now... or at least as far as he knows! ;):laughing:)

As for why I chose them, well I simply say, they needed a home and love, and I have both to give. :lovestruck::grouphug:

Now when we look for a dog... I think it will be a little more involved, as we need one good with cats #1 and easy on the allergies #2...

March 27th, 2008, 08:01 PM
:Dhmmm Onnie we wanted a kitten and actually saw a cute kitty "louisa" on the spca website...went to the local petstore where she was...but she turned out to be "lewis" (he), along with his little mom didnt want to seperate the 2 and they pooped 3 times in their cage (not litter) when were there..I think they were too young. As we were leaving howere, the volunter suggested Onnie (at the time called zabrewsky), we didnt really want an older cat, or a black one but he was just dying to come out of the cage....he promptly cuddled up on my moms lap, he had 'chosen us'. The lady did say he was 1/2 manx, cuz he has a stubby tail...but i think that was a lie :o

Bunduk..we went to 'look'....saw 100's of kittens at the adoptathon, they were cute yes, but noone screamed "take me home!". We were about to leave when I saw this bigger (oldest one there) orange/white kitten - pedro, stuffing his face in his cage. I felt bad since no one wanted to play with him, too busy with younger kittens, I thought id take him out for a pat. I picked him up and started to hand him to my mom "oh no ..he's sso dirty, i dont want to hold him" (he was...filthy really..ears mess and his whtie was all yellow/grey...chin was dripping food). But then he put his little paws on her chin and gave her those big soulful round hazelnut (bunduk) eyes. "this one" were the next words to come out of my mom's :crazy: the rest as they say, is history