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My dog has been pooping and vomiting in the house once a month, what should I do?

March 25th, 2008, 03:53 PM
My dog Lady is a Wheaten/Westie mix. She is an excellent dog and has been housetrained since she was a puppy. She is 14 now and the vet says that physically she is closer to 8 years old, so she has been in great health.

Today however she pooped in my house and vomited in the kitchen. It was the exact same scenario that happened last month. Only this time she has begged to go outside every 1/2 an hour since 5am this morning. Which tells me she is having to go every 1/2 hour. She vomited a whit bubbly foam in the kitchen and pooped a solid stool of a light gold color that has nothing I can find in it. I know for a fact she has been given no human food.

Her wet dog food is Mighty Dog (from cans), her dry food is Ol' Roy and she gets milk bones twice a day. Nothing outta the norm for her diet. So I am at a total loss.

This was my post last month:
However, two days ago she got sick and pooped in the house. It wasn't diaherrea it was just a regular stool...very light gold in color. No blood, no visible remnants of anything.

Today, she pooped in my kitchen and it was a large stool again regular with a light golden color. Then she threw up a little later a white foam looking stuff...never seen her do that before. Then about an hour later she pooped again and this was...well it was a little liquidy and looked like a pancake. Also no remnants and still that golden brown color.

I did take a sample over last time... it came back fine...they couldn't find anything...but it has happened again. So I am not sure. Has anyone ever heard of something like this before?

March 25th, 2008, 04:23 PM
Have you taken her in to the vet or at least taken in a stool sample since this started, jnwildman? What were the results of the fecal exam?