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De-o-gee and the Traveling Pillow

March 20th, 2008, 02:46 PM
i dont know what the deal is.

my mom lives in what us southerners call a 'planted double wide'. its more like a modular home on a foundation but not a stick built and not very big. she has a nice big yard, fenced in back run for the dogs and a rather large front porch.

the house is located out in the country, down a mile down dirt 'drive way' that she shares with about 15 other houses through out its 1.5 miles. not only is this road long and dirty but theres a bunch of trees between her yard and the road itself.

whatever brought in this drifting pillow... no one will know but not only did that drifting pillow make its way down a mile of a dirt road but it also drug a skinny, dirty dog with it.

now this little girl dog is spayed, her collar was too tight (by a long shot), she was really deep grimy dirty and she is all patchy like Alice. she is friendly but only knows 'sit' and has fleas and a docked tail.

mom named her De-o-gee.

a vet is in order but money is *just* too tight. she doesnt have it, my sister doesnt have it and we dont have it. hopefully in the next few weeks my sister will get the notice for her husbands disability and they can make a vet visit but for now, its gotta be this way. i gave her an extra flea treatment. she is eating the same thigns moms/sisters other dogs are eating and is slowly gaining weight too. De-o-gee looks like a pitty/english bully cross. ill get some pictures of the 3 of them this weekend. :)

cross your fingers no more dogs wander in with pillows or blankets or anything else!! we are FULL and BROKE!!!


March 21st, 2008, 09:16 PM
well they put up some fliers today. my sister runs a print shop so it was a snap to put together some laminated fliers. she will contact the paper and the local rescues with her picture although its highly unlikely anyone will claim her, its a very back woods country out there.

we have some bad news. my sisters husbands disability was denied. they have to appeal it but that will take from 6 months to over a year to finish. money is squeezing tighter and with my sis living with mom, the tension is getting really bad.

my mom has reached the point where she is cutting out some of her meds to save on cost. :( she doesnt NEED them but the improve quality of life considerably. she has talked the last few weeks of rehoming Alice. she still has her puppy teeth, is *adorable* and they are willing to foster and then this dog shows up. she is lumpy/ugly, funny shaped, not house trained, not kennel trained and well into her adult years. mom knows if no one claims her, she is highly unlikely to be adopted by anyone other than a really generous soul who is looking for one of those 'only your mama could love ya' kind of faces. :( mom called earlier in tears over this cause everyone loves Alice to pieces but she knows she just can not afford this.

nothing is set in stone. the first step is to see if someone claims De-o-gee, if not we will look at the situation Chris and i are in. he is up for a review soon, possibly a raise. in that case at the very least we can foster her till placement. perhaps by then things will look up on moms end?? im not sure. i doubt she is making this a rash decision. 3 dogs and 2 cats and 2 'children' in the house is way too much for them 1300sqft house.

but you know all three dogs are eating Canidae, 2 of them (cause of apparent malnutrition or lower immune) are on at least 2 different supplement, they get eggs every few days, Tripe... little raw chicken here and there. my husband was telling me that when the economy slows down, two things dont take a hit- pet food and traveling.


March 21st, 2008, 09:29 PM
Wow! You guys seem to be a magnet for stray dogs (like I am with cats :rolleyes:)! But I must say I would be so very very happy if I had a 1300 sq ft home. Ours is about 900 sq ft. At the moment we have 4 adults (stepsons are almost of age) 2 dogs and 6 kitties. Not to mention the fishies and birds. Makes for some fun. :D

I :pray: your life becomes easier soon. It is tough going through rough times.

March 22nd, 2008, 05:12 AM
Is there any form of rescue that might be able to help out? Even with some of the medical expenses? Do you think the doggies came from the same place? if she kind of looks like Alice maybe they are related some how? God I would want to be in your shoes right now! Seriously though check out some rescues maybe they can offer something?


March 22nd, 2008, 07:20 AM
W4R,I really feel for your mom,she seems to have a heart of gold and the strays know it.
I might get in trouble for saying this,but as long as De-o-gee has food and can get cleaned up and treated for fleas,she is ok for now.
Hopefully she does not have anything contagious.
If you don't have the money,you don't and borrowing money is not always an option.
I hope your mom can keep Alice,I am sure she loves her very much...:grouphug:to your mom,hopefully things will look up soon:fingerscr

March 23rd, 2008, 12:24 PM
naah, the two of them came from places about 30miles apart.

as for rescues, i know of a few in the area and if given the choice they would prefer to take on a puppy because its easier to find a home for a cute little puppy. we are helping mom pay for some of the food, its just so important for Alice to get *good* food.

De-o-gee is just hanging out. we are all crossing our fingers she is healthy and didnt leave her home because of health reasons although mom says she shows some of the bad habits a neglected and bored dog shows. :rolleyes: she is really good at entertaining herself in inappropriate ways... like snatching a full bowl of dog food and running through the house with it!! she only knows 'sit', stuff like that.

some really great news though! there is a local vet who charges only $35 for spay/neuter and microchipping for pitties!! how cool is that?!?!