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2 questions .cats. 1st claws 2nd pain near tail ????

March 19th, 2008, 04:24 PM
hey i have to problems that im a lil worried about but i dont think either one is serious ,,,

1st - my female cat satis was scratching at my couch (again) and she got a piece of the fabric stuck in her claw .. part of the nail is shedding off and the part the fabric is stuck in dosent look like it should be shedding yet ... and -the part that worries me- it looks like the nail has cracked and the fabric got stuck after or during that process and it seems to be VERY close to the vain .. i know if u cut the vain ur kitty can bleed to death is it possible for that to happen now .. and what do i do ??

2nd - my male cleo (yes both are fixed) seemes to have a rather sensitive spot on his back right where his tail starts .. before i thought it just annyoed him to be pet there ut now i think it may actually be hurting him (he lashes out pretty hard when im not paying attention and i pet him there)... any ideas on this one???

thanks guys

March 20th, 2008, 02:13 AM
For the 1st q - If the quick is not currently bleeding it's probably okay - maybe a little tender. The nails do shed the sides often, remove the fabric as gently as possible, do not cut that nail, until it has grown back.

Occasionally the sides will crack even during regular clipping - sometimes you have the usual thin outer layer shed then the second layer comes off thicker & closer to the quick - if the quick bleeds a little, a paste of flour & water applied with a small amount of pressure will usually stop the bleeding.

If the nail still concerns you, you can take her into see the vet or one of the vet techs, they will have a look @ it. The vet techs often do nail clippings for a minimal charge & will demonstrate how to clip the nails too.

For the 2nd q - does Cleo go outside? has he been in a fight with Satis or another cat?

Can you safely have a look to see if there is any wound around the tail area?
Wrap him in a towel, have someone hold him while you take a quick look.

Does he react like that everyday or just some of the time?
How is his pooping? Poop look dry? Straining @ all?
Is it uncomfortable for him to sit normally?
Does he scoot his bum on the carpet?
Does he strain while he pees?

Several possibilities in that area: could've been in a fight ~ wound/abcess, could be needing to poop ~ bit consitpated, could need his anal glands expressed, could be the start of crystals, could be he just doesn't like to be touched in that spot ~ many cats have a "do not touch" area

If you do bring Satis in to have her claw looked @ by a vet, you can bring Cleo too & have his bum looked at.