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update on patsy + advice for chico 2

March 18th, 2008, 07:36 PM
hi all.

remember my patsy girl? it all started weeks ago with digestive problems diagnosed as an inflamed pancreas. she then caught a bug while at the vet's clinic from another cat, developed a cold, which subsequently turned into asthma (she's seasonally asthmatic and requires a shot of depo-medrol every june, so her lungs are very susceptible to infection). poor thing. she's eleven, so she doesn't bounce back quickly.

anyway, last you all heard from me, i was embarking on a 10 day run of clavamox for her. here we are at day 7 (two pills per day), and she is just about completely better. so, the vet was right - the first prescribed antibiotic just wasn't strong enough.

chico2, you responded to my last thread inquiring about your friend's cat. i hope he/she has taken their cat to the vet for the coughing. constant coughing in a cat is either allergies or asthma, or a combination of both. mention the depo-medrol shot to your friend. it does the trick for patsy every year (she's very allergic at the beginning of the summer). some cats require the shot a few times a year, others (like patsy) only need it during a certain season.

anyway, just wanted to thank everyone again for all the responses. i think we were all a little befuddled by the fact that her asthma was worse at nite. however, i did a little digging on the internet, and apparently asthma can be more prevalent in the evenings! i learn something new all the time.

cheers from tracy :thumbs up and patsy :cat:
(and her sisters cline :cat: and :cat: punkin, and jimmy :thumbs up their dad)

March 19th, 2008, 08:52 AM
I am glad patsy is doing much better.:thumbs up