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Introducing myself and Lucy

March 15th, 2008, 10:05 PM
Hi All,

12 days ago I adopted an 8 month old, spayed Black Labrador named Lucy. Her loving family gave her up because of changed work schedules.
Lucy and I have walked 3 to 5 miles every day, doing about 1 mile each walk. She is experiencing a big change from small city to a rural area and has already seen 4 deer crossing the road and a wild turkey hen who frequents our yard!
She has brought new joy in my life since I had to put down my beloved (Golden X) Zack on Feb. 8th due to cancer.
When Lucy gets a little older I will get her fitted for a backpack so we can go on day hikes.

March 15th, 2008, 10:08 PM
welcome, Please post pictures when you can. sorry to hear about zack

March 15th, 2008, 10:11 PM
Hi, lucyferlucille! Welcome to the board! Lucy is a very lucky girl to have found you. :D

After a short delay, you'll be able to post pictures. Can't wait to see Lucy! :thumbs up Enjoy your stay!

March 15th, 2008, 10:17 PM
Welcome to , Lucy seems like a very lucky girl to have been adopted by you ! :thumbs up

March 15th, 2008, 11:08 PM
Thanks for the welcomes. I am the "lucky one" who got Lucy! As I told her previous owners, she will always be loved and well cared for!

March 15th, 2008, 11:52 PM
Welcome to :thumbs up It sounds like you have found your soulmate with Lucy. :cloud9: Can't wait to see some pics. :D

March 18th, 2008, 07:10 PM
I am so sorry for your loss of Zak. I am so glad you and Lucy found each other. Sometimes we meet our next furbaby because we are meant to meet them. And it sounds like you and Lucy are meant for each other. Can't wait to see pics of her.