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Why doesn't he get excited?

March 15th, 2008, 03:06 PM
Words of praise from the Master/Mother/Pack leader, whatever you are to your dog, should be the light of it's life, right? I am used to calling out to my dog, telling s/he that they are good, wonderful, while sounding all happy - and they run up to you, tails wagging, tongues lolling, eager for a good stroke and hoping that if they are cute and happy enough you'll have a few more words of praise for them.

But when I do that to Guinness, like if he goes potty outside like he should, he sometimes does not even look at me and just keeps sniffing around. Is it just because he is a puppy? He is 11 weeks now, perhaps he doesn't understand his name, but he should hear that I am happy!

Is this normal? Is it just because he is a daschund? Maybe he doesn't like me? :sad:

March 15th, 2008, 11:17 PM
He is just being a Dachshund - he is "busy" and also very young. Give him time - soon he will react to everythng and no doubt you will be begging him for attention. Just let someone show up that he doesn't like or considers a threat and there will be no doubt in your mind of his feelings. My guys - except for one - did not play with toys - my 2 main guys would fetch a ball to amuse us, but generally they were just too cerebral and busy supervising. The ball player though was forever after his ball and never hurt the squeaker because he loved to listen to it - constantly. I saw your post re Alpha or Beta - I love an Alpha Dachshund but when you have a problem is that if you have an Alpha and a second dog who is a Beta until puberty and decides he/she will assume the Alpha positions when he/she is most definitely NOT the Alpha. Not pretty. Also re the Kongs, I agree, watch what you put in them. Mine would be interested only in the food aspect - my Eskimo is like this - I just put a bit of kibble - Eskies gain weight very easily as well.

March 16th, 2008, 03:13 AM
Today my boyfriend was tickling me and making me yell and laugh, but we were a few steps down and away from the puppy and Guinness didn't seem to like him getting so close. :D This must be his protectiveness? I just wasn't sure why, but if it's normal for him, I am content with how he shows his affection in other ways.

We just got him a couple of Kongs. A puppy kong and a puppy activity ball. =3 We have some ziggies, but I don't get if you are supposed to be stuff IN the activity/stuffaball, cause it does fall out pretty easy, or just take the time to queeze kibbles into the grooves?

I am being careful with what I feed him. I have switched over to low fat peanut butter and Cheez Whiz just so we can both watch our waistlines. :laughing:

March 16th, 2008, 10:00 AM
That's a boy! Male dogs often keep an eye on Dad or a male non-platonic friend - oh, heck - any male - that gets too close to Mommy - just watching. My guys loved their Daddy, but Daddy got "barked" at by my Dachshunds if he raised his voice to the adored one - me! I think you are supposed to stuff both of the Kong type of toys. Be very careful even with the low fat peanut butter and cheese products - the calories are still there and Dachshunds can get fat very easily - particularly I found at puberty. We put loose kibble in our Eskimo's Kong - he has 2 types as well - and it does fall out - but not as easily from the round one with smaller "holes". I break his cookies into pieces as well. Peanut butter has a tendency to go right through our guy anyway so just as well. Some people use Cheerios, but again right through our Eskie - funny though, I did give him some of the Organic Cheerio type of cereal I bought for my husband he he was fine with it. By the way, Dachshunds adore sweet potato - but in its human cooked form it is very high in sugar - not the best thing for a dog with a slow metabolism - but boy do they like it.

March 16th, 2008, 02:26 PM
I found it quite amusing. He will snuggle with Will if I am not available, but he follows me from room to room and cries when I even go downstairs, and sits outside the bathroom door waiting for me. :laughing:

I put his breakfast portion of kibble in the activity ball and let him roll around with it. I actually got a video. :D Made such a mess! He gets distracted from eating, usually in order to get him to finish he wants to eat out of my hand, for whatever reason.

So potatoes are okay? His Kong is so tiny, so with a mixture of kibble and just a little bit of snacking, and only every so often, I think we can watch his weight. I measure out his food every day, and while he'll eat treats like crazy, he doesn't go overboard on kibble just yet - but I imagine that will change with time. And we walk quickly with him when we go for walks - my slow pace is a mad dash for him! He chases balls in the house, and does a lot of running around.

March 16th, 2008, 10:17 PM
Dachshunds make sure they get their hugs from other family members when Mommy (or most favoured) is away! Why sit at the door when you can get a belly rub on the couch? I wouldn't give your pup human sweet potatoes (of course I did! - but just a bit on my finger - it is the principle that counts with these dogs, not the amount). It will definitely help if his breakfast is in his Kong - many people feed breakfast and then put something in Kong resulting in too much food. My Eskimo gains weight really easily as well so I have had to watch his food intake in the same way I did with my Dachshunds. I expect your guy will start wolfing down his kibble more quickly as he gets older - either that or he isn't that fond of what he is eating but being a Dachshund will force himself to keep his strength up. Be aware though that no place is safe for you to put people or dog food - no problem at all to push a chair over to table/counter and hall himself up to help himself. One of mine swung himself on to the toilet so he could reach a shelf and help himself to some face cream - softest face and tongue in town. And a darned good "decrumber" of my person.

March 17th, 2008, 02:08 AM
He seemed to like getting to roll his food all over my carpet, so I sat and watched him, and made sure he ate it all. We're feeding him Nutram, it's a Canadian produced dog food specialized for puppies, specifically long-haired breeds. We switched him over from Origin, and he won't eat that stuff anymore, so I thought he liked it fine. Maybe I will look into a new food. Is there anything you would suggest for a Daschund?

We try to keep everything put up and haven't had any incidents lately. Besides getting to lick potatoes or cheez whiz off my fingers, or the occasional hot dog morsel he doesn't get much in the way of people food.

What a tricky little thing! While Guinness hasn't climbed any toilets, he DID discover the wonders of a roll of toilet paper just the other day... We can't hang it on the holster anymore for fear of leaving the door open and having him unravel the whole thing before we can catch him. :laughing:

I'll have to upload his puppy videos, I have a few on facebook. I'll do that tomorrow.

March 17th, 2008, 01:17 PM
Dogs absolutely LOVE toilet paper rolls - and the toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels etc. - actually our first dog a Beagle, thought the empty roll was a toy and would listen for the paper to end - to think that I would now find this a wonderful trait. Our Dachshunds loved and now our Eskie loves toilet paper etc. Re food at the moment your Dachshund is still very young and you will have to determine how his stomach reacts to certain foods. My guys had stomachs of iron, but from speaking with new Dachshund parents many new Dachshund pups have more sensitive tummies. We feed our Eskimo Fromms Four Star Salmon A La Veg - because Eskies do well on fish based diets, but do occasionally substitute the Four Star Duck & Sweet Potato - he loves it. Since grains are the same in all 4 versions of Four Star no tummy issues. His stomach is a little sensitive - not so our Dachshunds. I don't expect your guy to get too inventive until perhaps around puberty and full strength - and then you will be able to determine just how bright the little angel is. Our 2 soulmates were brilliant with military cunning so we had to be extra careful. By the way, if you could fashion a ramp to help your guy reach the bed and couch etc. that would help with wear and tear on his back. You may find that when he gets his shots he might have to stay the day just in case a dose of Benadryl is needed. The last 2 years of our last Dachshund's life we had to do this - as did many other small dog owners. He didn't have a deadly allergic reaction, just scratched like crazy. Seemed to be some change in the form of shots they gave, but all of a sudden dogs were being left for the day for this same reason. No problem so far with our Eskie though. I want to see a picture of the toilet paper going down the hall. You will also have to watch for a lump in the bed, under the comforter or bed spread - this will be Guiness. Or if missing, check under the pillow - they so love to burrow. And of course "dig" their spot on the furniture so it is just right. One of my guys loved to crawl under my sweatshirt or sweater - anything to keep warm.

March 17th, 2008, 05:09 PM
If Eskie's do well on fish based diets, do daschunds do well on something in particular? It will get expensive to just try buying a series of different foods, I wonder how I will figure it out? We are buying Nutram from the pet store across town, maybe I will look at the kinds we have at the super market which is just down the street and post a list so the boards can tell me which to avoid. :D

I am pretty excited to see him grow up and let that daschund personality really shine. I am also eagerly waiting to see how long it takes for his coat to grow out (he's a long haired miniature), and his Momma was gorgeous. I just can't wait!:pray:

We have a series of pictures, and a few videos, I'll make a board with them. We've taken to putting the toilet paper up on the counter now, but he loves the cardboard holders just as much. All the money I spend on toys and his favourites are an empty TP roll and the cats old collar!

I was thinking about a ramp, but I was not sure what to make it out of, and I know that buying one would cost a fortune. +shudder+

March 17th, 2008, 07:38 PM
We are buying Nutram from the pet store across town, maybe I will look at the kinds we have at the super market which is just down the street and post a list so the boards can tell me which to avoid. :D

Nutram is not the best quality. And, please do not buy any of the brands available at the supermarket or places like Walmart.

The best premium/holistic brands are found at small independent pet stores. Check out the Food Forum here for good suggestions. Also check out these websites and click on all the links for excellent information....

If you've got any questions post them in the Food Forum where you will get more replies.