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Maltese-Bichon has a puffy Left eye

March 14th, 2008, 01:54 PM

I am a first time dog owner named Holly, a 12 week old, female Maltese-Bichon puppy. Whome i have had for about 2 weeks.

She has gotten her second set of shots and a once over by the Vet and has been given the all clear (results on her fecal sample have not come back yet).

Over the past three days I have noticed that her around Left eye seems to be runny and darker than the right. Please click the link for an image.

In another turn of events she vomited right before bedtime last night, normally vomits up alittle bit of food after she drinks alot of water fast, but this consistancy was dryer and alot more than usual. Also her bark and cries were a bit gruff.

She seems to be perfectly normal allows me to touch around her eye has the same ammount of appetite and her barks and cries have gone back to normal. She plays hard and sleeps hard right after.

Some extra information that might be useful.

- I bathed her for the first time 3 days ago. Using "Perfect Coat Tender Care Puppy (Mild and Tearless) Baby Powder Scent"
- I brought her by to visit her Mother, Father and 2 siblings for a half an hour.
- She eats twice a day (1/3 of a cup each feeding) "Nutrience Junior Small breed puppy" Although she never finishes a full feeding in one sitting.
- I occasionally give her "Pet Botanics: Training Reward (Roast Chicken and Oatmeal)" treats.
- I had to wash her Bedding pad and blanket since she peed in her crate on a car trip. Used Surf detergent and Downy fabirc softener to wash the items.

I was wondering if this was just the 'eye staining' and i was just being a hypochondirac or if this is something i should get looked at immediately.

Sorry for babbling too much and thank you in advance for your help,