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Cat Microwaved To Death

March 12th, 2008, 05:11 PM
This is kind of old, but I remember reading this in the paper and being brought to tears, as it was so brutally described. These kids knew what they were doing and stood infront of the microwave, listening to it howl in agony and watching it's body cook. It was said in the paper that the cat would have been 'cooked from the inside out' and suffered a long, painful death.

These kids all would have gotten a recommendation for counselling, and parents perhaps fined. Disgusting. Studies show that cruelty to animals is often a precursor to cruelty to humans later on - if our legal system does not care about the rights of animals, then why don't they take THAT into consideration while they are slapping wrists and having the criminals pay fines for murder and torture?

This isn't the first I have heard of this kind of thing being done. There is a video on the internet of a cat being microwaved... I could not bear to watch it. My sister did and spent days crying, and hating the world. :sad: