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maggie changing behavior (long)

March 10th, 2008, 07:36 PM
Well a little while back i posted about my sister getting a new puppy tinker bell and not taking care of it like she should. well i have been working on her and she has turned out to be a decent dog, she still is a little defiant and rambunctious but she has a lot of energy.
But my maggie who is two years older and was here first has started to behave unlike herself lately. I am thinking its because tinker bell (a pit) is about twice her size and a little dominating. maggie prefers to dominate other dogs so i think that she is breaking down because she cannot control tinker bell. and tinker bell kinda picks on her... but shes just trying to play all of the time but maggie doesnt want to...
sometimes fights break out and i have been bitten trying to break it up a few times by both dogs. I know that i am breaking the fights up wrong and its my fault that i get bit. but i just panic cause they are actually quite ferocious.

but maggie has been acting weird and humping my friends lately, trying to dominate me and tell me what to do... in her own little way of staring me down. but i guess shes just more anxious now. and i dont know how to get her to relax... she doesnt even play the same any more. shes all stiff :sad:
i enjoy playing with tinker bell more....

How do i get her to be more submissive and accepting of other dogs?
and of the people that come into my house?
i guess how to i get my dog to chill out and to quit trying to dominate everything that she comes in contact with?

maybe taking her out of my bed and off of the furniture, along with a little bit more vigorous exercise?
but what else might assist?

it could be i havent been home as much lately but ive been changing my life up a bit lately... new job, relationship...
i admit ive been slightly negligent lately.... perhaps thats why?

oh i feel like im just not fulfilling her like i should.

Ford Girl
March 12th, 2008, 02:59 PM
How often are the two together? How often are you working with tinker? How often are you working with maggie? Do you expect the same behavior from both?

Sounds like Maggies acting a bit off cuz she's jealous, you say she is usually the boss? Sounds like she showing more dominent behaviors (humping your friends) because in your new "pack" - Tink - is the more dominent one where as that spot was always Maggies.

You need to work on neither of them being the boss, you are the boss, they seem to be competing, they are both dogs and both should be trained and treated the same way.

It's hard to say more without knowing the dynamics in your house. Like, do you walk them together? How are you breaking up fights? How do you try to correct the behavior leading up to the fights - cuz fighting is like the end result...there are several things that happen between the two dogs beofre the fight takes place...Is there structured exercise or are they in the back yard and expected to play? When the energy levels do not match up it creates frustration and annoyance and lowers the tolerance levels.