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West Edmonton Mall part 2

March 9th, 2008, 10:47 AM
no time for lunch when there is so much to see

For Big and small kids at heart, there is something for everyone!!




March 9th, 2008, 10:49 AM



March 9th, 2008, 10:51 AM



March 9th, 2008, 10:55 AM
They have everything !!!

March 9th, 2008, 10:58 AM
I find it amazing how many people bring there kids there, and teenagers when they are supose to be in school!!

You can get lost in there, watching looking, amazing!!

I only saw the amusment park in a mall once and that was in Quebec city,it was small compared to West Edmonton Mall.........
West Edmonton Mall is HUGE

needless to say when we went back after seeing all this it was much bussier..
I have no idea how much each ride is, I was just in awe to care.. guess you can say I was picture crazy..:laughing:



March 9th, 2008, 11:57 AM
Were people looking at you going "tourist"?

March 9th, 2008, 12:09 PM
Huh that looks like fun but it makes me sad. All that money spent just to make more money and fatten some old geezer's already bulging pockets. :sad: I don't get it... housing market is collapsing, people are losing jobs, food prices rising higher and higher.... who has money to go to that place?

They copied the idea of the Mall of America that's in Missouri. t.aspx

And it kind of reminds me of Vegas with all the stuff to see, especially the ship in the water. The pirate ship battle thing in Vegas is fun to watch, but best at night.

March 9th, 2008, 12:35 PM
It looks amazing to me. :thumbs up I could very easily get lost in there. :laughing: Hope to go someday. :fingerscr

March 9th, 2008, 12:54 PM
Everybody is a "tourist" at the west edmonton mall... I remember driving around the parking lot fascinated by all the license plates from all over.

I wonder if the stores there are less profitable... seems like less people go there to shop, more to sightsee.

i know what you mean CearaQC, but it also makes things like a waterpark, skating rink, etc. accessible to a lot of people who normally wouldn't have access. i'd rather see people enjoying those kind of things than spending the whole day shopping and hanging out in food courts :shrug:

March 9th, 2008, 02:19 PM
They copied the idea of the Mall of America that's in Missouri.

Actually Mall of America is in Minnesota and it opened in 1992. West Edmonton Mall has been open since 1981. For those who care :laughing:.

March 9th, 2008, 07:30 PM
More Great pics Breeze :highfive: So much to see!

Oh I love the Wave Swinger!! (The ride in the 2nd pic)

We have the kids small one & the adult large one @ our Playland in the Pacific National Exibition during the summer - my only "must" ride there!

March 9th, 2008, 07:37 PM
thanks Growler
actualy I would not go on any of the rides...but I loved watching eberyone else go on:D

March 9th, 2008, 09:46 PM
Holy cr@p!! :eek: That's amazing!

If that's what Mall of America looks like, I'm sort of sorry I avoided it all these times going through the Cities! :o I hate shopping so much--I never dreamed that there would be so much else to look at...

However, hating shopping as much as I do, with all that to look at, I guess I'd never get any shopping done! :laughing: So I'd better stick to the mundane small city malls in Eau Claire. :thumbs up

March 10th, 2008, 08:02 AM
the only shopping I did was to get the boys something and a pair of pants for me, other than that I sat and watched everything else....:D

March 10th, 2008, 03:44 PM
Heh, I'm a sucker for those cardboard cutouts you can stick your head in, so when I went to WEM, I HAD to get my picture in one of those!

Breeze, you're right - it's massive - they have laser tag and a few radio stations in there and a full 'club' where bands perform too - it takes forever to go through it! The weird thing though is the stores - it's so big that they seem to have two of every store - I counted at LEAST two payless shoe stores when I was in there - you'd think they'd have more variety :shrug:

Either way, it's definitely an experience - and since I didn't bring my camera when I went, I appreciate these pictures breeze!