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Just-Neutered Doggy Behavior Changes

March 8th, 2008, 12:54 AM
Hi All,

I'm new here. I saw some great participation, on quite a few other threads here and decided to pose my own question to yous.

I have a nearly 2 year old, male, Chihuaua/Jack Russell... My's Tito.

2 weeks ago we got him fixed, and because his previous owner couldn't furnish his shot records, also had him vaccinated. The vet told me he'd be itchy around this time period at the vet's office and to keep the "lampshade" on for 2 weeks, and no baths for 30 days. (?!?!?!)

I think they just meant on the area around his incision. He wants the "lampshade" off really bad, but every time we take it off for more than a minute or two he starts chewing at his bottom or around his penis, basically everywhere in/around his groin but the incision. He's also taken to licking at the air when he's wearing the "lamp-shade" which we've never seen him do before. So we're still making him wear the lampshade until this constant need to bite/scratch goes away.

I found some fleas on him the day after we brought him home, so I got some bio-spot flea drops and also sprayed his bedding and our futon where he spends most of his time with flea killer, and he's still goin nuts. I know I should've bought advantage, but I just spent 400 bucks at the vet so I'm short until the 15th.

Does this sound like a flea/skin infection? Is there anything over the counter I can get for him to soothe the places he chewed up before we could get his collar back on?

Is it true I shouldn't bathe him because of the surgery for another two weeks?!? (Obviously I'm not happy with my vets answers, lol)

March 8th, 2008, 01:09 AM
If the severe itching is due to fleas, I think borrowing the $$ for the Advantage is your best solution. How much can a single treatment cost? A bath two weeks after surgery is not a good idea...especially with a flea treatment shampoo as it might cause problems to the incision.

Hope your pups feeling better really soon :fingerscr .