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Need on plane

March 6th, 2008, 08:26 AM
Hey everyone,

Well, I might be moving out west. My cat is of course coming with me. I will be bringing her in on the plane with me. Any advice on how to relieve stress. It is a long flight. 10 hours.

I thought about taking the train. I would actually perfer to go by trian. Since I HATE to fly. Only problem is the closest train teriminal is still a 5 hour drive to the city that I would be moving too. which means..taking 2 day train ride, then drive 5 hours. Which well..I don't really want to do. but at least if I go by train, yes it is 2 days, but I could always get a sleeper room, and my cat could be out of her carrier.

Or take a plane for 10 hours. I am worried about the air for her, her having motion sickness and not going to the washroom for 10 hours.

Any suggestions or adivce on traveling with you cat?



March 6th, 2008, 09:05 AM
Taking a train will only stetch out the stress time, and can you take your pets on Via I think they may only be allowed in the luggage compartment?

Air Canada won't allow you to travel with your pets, but I think West Jet still does.

We sedated a cat once for travel and won't ever do it again. I think it made him worse, not more relaxed. We would not feed our cats prior to travel as this seemed to make them sicker. For the amount of time you cat is on the plane, it won't hurt them to go without food or water. Also, I found that they didn't go to the bathroom due to the stress.

10 hours on a plane?? that is quite a trip, can you get a more direct flight?

March 6th, 2008, 05:47 PM
If you get a soft carrier, you can stow your cat under your seat with WestJet - and there are a few other airlines that allow this also.

I agree with L4H, a train ride would draw things out way too long. Any chance you can get a flight with a stopover? It might be a bit of a pain for you, but it would allow to take your kitty out to have a pee. :shrug: