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Swollen Bum....Need Feedback

March 3rd, 2008, 03:42 PM
I'm hoping to get a little feedback on my sister's dog. This is a bit long and I apologize, but some members will want to understand the whole situation.

My sister got a new female Shih Tzu in January. She's one of the girls my mentor let me show last year. She's a real beauty. My sister and her husband feel in love with her at our club's sanction Match last year(they rescued a male last year and joined the kennel club to work with him). My sister and her husband asked the breeder for her.

She finished her championship quickly (only three shows). She's a bit on the small size(but within weight) and she needs a bit more neck, other wise she fit's the standard completely. Obviously my mentor is very impressed with the breeding. She was from the last litter of her mother, so that breeding can not be repeated. So obviously my mentor would like to breed her. She had told my sister she can have the dog when the dog retired. My sister and her husband pestered her every week at club for months. Saying that she could still breeder, but they'd like to take her at a younger age to be able to train her etc. As you've guess the breeder gave in, mainly because she trusts me to make sure my sister brings the dog for breeding and because she lives in the city.

The reason you needed that background is because the dog is intact. She started getting a bit puffy the other day (her vulva and the area below her anus to her vulva) so we figure, no problem she's going into season, it's a bit early, but nothing to worry about. I told my sister to check her everyday for bleeding so we can count day etc. She brought her a day or so after for a trim. I went to stay at there house I was off for winter break. She was twirling on her bum (not rubbing, twirling) I checked her anal glands, which are fine. I figured maybe I'd shaved a bit close and she was irritated. I've seen this happen with some of the others.

So she's been "heat” swollen with no bleeding for about a week. Now I have the queen of waiting. Roxie gets swollen a month or so before. Then she starts bleeding and gets really puffy. My vet, the breeders vet (two different vets) and the breeder has explained that it's normal. So again, no biggie.

However they brought the dog over last night because her anus was swollen. I figured my sister was just seeing more heat swelling, but told her I'd have a look. My sister's a bit paranoid with her dogs (I won't even tell you about the trouble with her males black nipples (completely normal)). So that's all I figured it was.

Anyway her anus inflamed. There are no cuts etc, although it could have been from a bite. It looks exactly the way Roxie looked when she got stung by a bee. She must have been having a chew at her hind end because he vulva was red and raw and she'd given her self a couple scabs. My Aunt and I had a look we gave her some hydroquartazone to sooth the area and help stop the itch. We also gave her some Benadryl as it looked a bit like there might be an allergy. It was not a run right to the vet situation (especially not to the ER vet). We also lent her our cone collar to stop her from chewing her self.

She is eliminating with no trouble although after a bowel movement it does become more irritated for a short time (within 10-20 min’s it goes back to pre-movement status)
She has been de-wormed and checked for worms in the last 2 months, so that can't be it.

Now I haven't seen her today, but I will when I get home from school. I was talking to her online, and she's still in a tizzy. It's quite possible she's still being overly anxious. She says she's not bleeding still (still no biggie, although I will bring it up with my mentor when I see her tomorrow), she says It's not as red, but is still puffy. She says it's puffier at night (?), and after she has a bowel movement. I will see her when I get home from school to see if it is improving and my sister's obsessing or if it's actually not improving.

I was hoping someone might have dealt with a swollen anus before and what caused it. Obviously if it hasn't improved she will need to go to the vet. Not a problem. I'll call the breeder and she'll go first thing in the morning (the breeder is responsible for all health care until she is spayed). I'll probably call her tonight anyway, once I've had a look at the dog. I'm just looking for feed back about what could be possible causes. If anyone has experienced something similar before. Any recommendations (other than a vet, that's the obvious next step and she'll be there first thing if she's not improving). Is there anything else I should check for this like her temp or something?

Thanks for your feed back.