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March 3rd, 2008, 12:40 PM

First time member, first posting. We have a 8 week old female Sheltie. Her name is Chloe. We also have a 10 yr old female lab named Sam.

We met Chloe when she was 4 weeks old and continued to visit her every weekend until we brought her home. She was raised and socialized with the mother and father, 4 litter mates, 2 other dogs, and 4 cats. All very calm in the household, except of course for playtime.

We are very pleased with her adjustment into our routine. Her cage training is coming along rather well. Although we have learned to put her in it more in the daytime so she becomes comfortable with it and it is not used as punishment. She's just so darned cute we fell into giving her free rein. oops...

We are establishing a feeding schedule and she is learning to eat when her bowl is put down for her.

She has learned to go outside rather easily and she loves it. The older dog has an invisible fence and tends to stay close. While Chloe is much too young for the invisible collar, we think she might not need it by virtue of learned behavior from the older dog. On the other hand we have put the marker flags in place and have begun to show her the boundaries of the yard.

The question I have is for when we begin training to go for walks. If I am leash training the boundaries of the yard, will that confuse her when we take her out of the yard(on a leash)? Should I train her on the yard first and then walks? Should I maybe carry her to the sidewalk then put her leash on for walks?

Any insights would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,