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Depressed Dog

February 28th, 2008, 07:19 AM
We've adopted a 3-year-old Lab/German Shepard/Duck Toller mix about 2.5 months ago named Chrissy. Until recently she's displayed no behavioral problems and seemed to act like a normal, healthy and happy dog.

A week ago, a friend of the family came to stay with us for a few days and suddenly we saw a side of Chrissy that we've never seen before. She became defensive, aggressive and very scared when he was near her, and subsequently she was uneasy and volatile the whole time he was visiting with us. It was apparent that she was abused at some point in her past, perhaps by an individual who resembled our visitor. Not being overly savvy with scared dogs, he made several attempts to scare Chrissy, thinking that it would make her stop barking and growling at him. We obviously discouraged our guest from doing this, but I fear that it's made her worse.

Our guest left a few days ago, and Chrissy just hasn't been the same since. She has barely eaten, has spurts of anxiety, tends to mope around and only wants be left alone, which is unusual since she typically likes to be by her owner's side all of the time. We've been doing all of her favorite things, such as going to the beach, going for drives, feeding her favorite food, etc. but nothing seems to snap her out of it. It seems that nothing works.

What I'd like to know is: a) Why is she acting so depressed; b) How can we snap her out of this depression?

I greatly appreciate any feedback.

February 28th, 2008, 11:33 AM
Are you sure she's depressed? If she is lethargic and not eating well, it sounds to me like she might have something wrong with her physically. Have you taken her into the vet to get checked out?

February 28th, 2008, 01:32 PM
After doing some research, I understand that it is a typical symptom for dogs to not eat when they're depressed.

We've taken her to the vet several times since we got her a few months ago and she has always been deemed a fit and healthy dog. Because of this, I am convinced that her problems aren't physical, especially since would be a big coincidence for her to behave like this immediately after experiencing what might have been a stressful experience for her.

February 28th, 2008, 03:57 PM
Do you have any other adult males in your family who Chrissy sees often? Because if she hasn't seen one in a while, she might be hesitant approaching a male. It could be that the guy looks like the abuser but dogs identify by scent so it would be a bit weird if both guys had the same-ish scent:frustrated:I hope you get some answers soon:shrug: