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Video Killed Classification Gccc Dogged By Cctv.

February 27th, 2008, 10:05 PM
Video Killed A Classification.

Council dogged by CCTV.

Gold Coast Sun 27.2.2008

Brent Melville.

Gold Coast City Council have been left red- faced after being ‘set up’ to perform a disputed dog breed test in a Currumbin house.
The test was captured on closed circuit television cameras and posted on u tube website.
The dog, and American Staffordshire terrier, was initially identified as a pit bull, but Council later backed down.

The video was later forced off U- Tube after the Council threatened legal action.
People fighting a Council Bylaw that bans pit bull terriers say the video is ‘clear evidence’ that the Bylaw is invalidated by a 22 point checklist it uses.

The Council has refused to comment on the incident, but the man behind the videos, security contractor John Mokomoko , said another video would be posted on U-Tube.

He said ‘amstaffs’ were genetically indistinguishable form pit bull terriers.
The U-Tube video made last month when Mr.Mokomoko set five Cameras in the Currumbin home of Fiona Gibson, who owns an amstaff named Maverick.

Mr Mokomoko asked Ms.Gibson to set up a dog breed inspection and installed the cameras in her home. He also posted signs inside and out side the house saying the house was under CCTV surveillance.
The two Animal Control Officers arrived, did the check, and declared the amstaff to be a pit bull terrier.

Mr. Mokomoko then appeared and told the two officers they had being filmed. He also gave them a Freedom Of Information form asking for a copy of their checklist.
Ms.Gibson was later told the dogs score sheet had been ‘recalculated’ and it did not qualify as a pit bull.

“Suddenly, miraculously the dog lost 20 points,” said Mr. Mokomoko.
“I’m still awaiting the Freedom of Information response to see the original score sheet.”

No Comment on ‘Lost’ FOI request.

Gold Coast City Council has ‘Lost’ a dog breed checklist and the Freedom Of Information request for the document, says dog campaigner John Mokomoko.

But Council staff promised to try and find the documents,he said. Mr. Mokomoko filmed two council officers carrying out a 22 point checklist on a dog at a Currumbin home last month.

When the checklist was done Mr.Mokomoko presented the council officers with a FOI request for the 22 point checklist they has completed. But when Mr. Mokomoko approached the council last week he was told no Freedom Of Information request has been received and there was no record of the assessment being done.

“I told them l had it on camera and they said they would try to locate the records.”
A Council spokesmen refused to comment on the matter.


P.s the video ran for 3 days and had 355 hits so it served it purpose.:thumbs up

February 28th, 2008, 05:56 AM
Did this occur in Australia?

What is the "freedom of information" form?

That terminology can be confusing due to the Freedom of Information Act in the USA where people can try and get classified documents released publicly.

Why did this test happen in the first place? Just for kicks or did something happen to prompt having security cams installed in the house? Why did the homeowner agree to that test?

It's stupid... this banning of dog breeds. But I've now come to the conclusion it's no different than the rampant banning and seizing of guns.

There's a big governmental push these days in North America to remove any sort of protection people have with guns and dogs that may attack. After Hurricane Katrina, many people were literally forced to give up their guns. What happened to the 2nd Amendment? Like the one old lady that was pushed up against the wall by a cop when she was staying inside her home and trying to protect herself from intruders (like that cop). She's over 70 yrs old for crying out loud! What's she going to do when a 200-300 pound cop decides she's a "threat?" She has smokers voice and I doubt has much energy at all and probably would have never hurt anyone. He could have just asked for the gun, and used nice language and logic. But no, he tackled her.

Large dogs are on the top 100 things to become scarce in a disaster type setting, after food, water, fuel and firearms.

But it doesn't make sense to ban these breeds. I remember when it was a Doberman, then a German Shephard, a Rottie, and now pitt bulls. What breed is next? A cop could easily kill a dog, and now laws are being passed that do allow cops to shoot dogs first then ask questions later. I don't understand the threat. They claim it's to protect the public, but I cannot help but feel there's a deeper meaning to all this and that is to systematically remove any sort of personal protection, or even having a choice of protection.

Anyway, everyone should stay vigilant and be aware of all these changing "laws" that systematically remove rights to personal protection. It may come to the point one day where no one is allowed a dog that is over 20 pounds in weight or something ridiculous like that because it may be construed as a "threat" or as a "weapon." And that terminology these days is getting looser and who's going to really define who is an "enemy" ??

February 28th, 2008, 08:55 AM
Hi CearaQC this in Qld Australia.

Sounds like Freedom of Info is the same terminology, were we can apply for our documents to be released to us its take 45 days.

This test is the 22 point checklist is done on APBT and there cross breeds.

They use the UKC breed standard to determine if a dog is American a pit bull or type.

The test is compulsary and has to been done we have no say in it. If you dont comply they sieze your dog.

They also take pictures of our dogs for there files.

If your dog scores 45 and over on the checklist its deemed a pit bull or type,
which means a death sentence if you dont abide by there rules.

If the dog scores 45 and under your dog is safe.

Best to look at my website and check out the 22 point system.

Also read the 22 point checklist truth, were ACO Debra Pomeroy decredited herself in court by admitting she taught her self of the internet.

Self proclaimed expert that went on to teach all ACO officers in Qld in breed
id of the APBT and there types.

parts of her transcripts are on the site.