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New Lab/Husky Mix Puppy

February 27th, 2008, 02:28 PM
I have had German Shepherds or German Shepherd mixes since I was a kid. All were adopted as puppies at the local animal shelter. I know them well, their intelligence, behavior, etc. I had tried to get a Shiloh Shepherd, but my wife balked at the $1000+ cost. So we took in a lab mix puppy that one the parents of a child my wife teaches had brought to school.

At first the puppy looked just like a lab you see in every commercial and picture except she had a pink nose and hazel/green eyes and a tail that curled. Since we got her, her ears have started to really pull up to the top of her head and no longer flop down like a Lab, but her tail has straightened out. The parent who brought the puppies to school said the father was a "wolf", but I believe more likely a Husky.

The second day we had her she started vomitting and had diahrea. We took her to the vet immediately where she got her first shots and we were told she would be listless for 24 hours. Two days later she was barely standing, stopped all eating and drinking and vomitted every 20-30 minutes. We took her to emergency care where they diagnosed her with parvo.

They only kept her 24 hours and released her with an $800 bill. It took a couple weeks before she started acting normally, but she seems to have made a full recovery.

No for my questions if anyone wants to take a shot as these. When she eats she starts, but within 5 seconds she stops and her stomach looks bloated. She usually starts eating again within 30 seconds, but occasionally has to stop again. I believe this could be because she is not chewing and is taking in air with the food, but I also thought it might have something to do with the parvo. Her bowel movements are normal, but she does get the hiccups quite often, especially on an empty stomach.

Second question she is extremely stubborn for a Lab and part of the reason I believe she is also part Husky. She is always nipping/biting. No matter what we do she keeps biting. I think she wants attention and to play, but she does not take no for an answer. She will climb on our couch which she has never been allowed to do, but will not get down until she is removed, she refuses to get off herself.

Same thing when she is outside. When we first got her she would always stay close to us and never wonder off, now she walks away and will not come back even when called. She usually stops and sits when we call her, but does not even turn her head to acknowledge she is being called. I have to physically go and pick her up and bring her back, and now 15 weeks old she weighs 35lbs, that is not fun.

Defintely the worse habits are the biting and her jumping up. We tell her "NO" every time she jumps up and we have to push her down as she never gets down herself. No German shepherd I've ever own has been even close to this stubborn. I have never had to obedience train any of my puppies, so any ideas on how to treat this behavior would be appreciated.

February 27th, 2008, 03:04 PM
I have never had to obedience train any of my puppies, so any ideas on how to treat this behavior would be appreciated.

so because you've never had to train any of your previous dogs, that means you shouldn't have to train this new pup? this new pup should read your mind and act appropriately? I'm sorry, but I just don't understand the logic. pups need to be shown (repeatedly, with positive reinforcement) how to behave and how to have manners. it takes patience, a positive method, and repetition.

I think you and your pup would benefit GREATLY from a basic obedience class. it will give you the hands on techniques you need, help you teach your pup some basic manners, and you'll develop a bond through the training. all in all, a good course is worth every penny. just be sure to do your research and find a reputable (positive method) trainer/class.

Ford Girl
February 27th, 2008, 03:23 PM
I would do some research on the 2 breeds your dog is and make yourself familular to them, your past dogs were a different breed, and certainly different puppies. I, myself have never know a puppy that doesn't nip?? Same with the couch...they will always try it out, it's up to you to show them what's expected of them. Neither of your issues are strange or unusual, very normal puppy behavior.

Your new pup is a mix of 2 very high energy breeds, both working/sporting dogs, they need to be challanged in a positive way and given a way to channel their energy. I would highly reccomend puppy kindergarden or a puppy beginner class, and follow that up with a basic obedience. Start researching puppy behavior, training and developement. Ensure he is socalized and exercised.

A big mistake people make is comparing their new dog to the old dog, and trying to make the new pup fit that are setting both yourself and your dog up for failure. So start fresh, this is a new pup with new challanges, it's up to you to show her what's expected.

You say: She will climb on our couch which she has never been allowed to do, but will not get down until she is removed, she refuses to get off herself.

I ask: what do you mean she won't get down until removed? How are you asking her to get down? Using words? Body language? Hand signals? How are you letting her know you want her to A) stay off all together and B) get down once she's up there?

You say: Second question she is extremely stubborn for a Lab and part of the reason I believe she is also part Husky.

I say: Stubborness isn't a charictaristic dogs have, it's the word we put to the behavior...she is challangeing you as her leader. They will do this along the way, thru many stages of development, in many degrees of "stubborness". You need to hold your ground, be consistant and realistic in your expectations.

This appiles especially to your dog if there is even a slight chance it could be part wolf. I would certainly change my train of thought to consider it and find out if this is true.

How old is she?? How old when you got her? Can we see pictures?? :lovestruck: (we love pictures)

February 27th, 2008, 06:40 PM
How old is the puppy now?
I foster a lot of pups and I often see them sit back while they are eating. A good burp usually helps. With one of my own dogs I had to actually burp him. He would come and stand beside me and lean on me. I would tap his chest and after he burped he would go back and finish his meal. They do sell special dishes now that slow a dogs eating down a bit. You can also try putting a tennis ball in his dish. He will have to eat around it and it should slow him down.
Many of the foster pups I get are biters. The reason I am getting them is because no one took the time to train them that the behavior was unacceptable. What works with one pup may not work with another. If she starts to bite, end the game immediatel and turn your back on her. I will also yelp if a pup bites me. You can also take her mouth and hold it closed and say something like "no bite". You must be consistent and never let her get away with even a small bite.
Instead of saying "no" when she jumps up on the couch tell her a different word like "off". The word no is used for so many things and sometimes they hear it so often they learn to ignore it. You can also try attaching a small leash and give her a little tug if she does jump up. Make sure you say off and give her a tug at the same time so she learns to associate the word with action.
Your little girl sounds like a real spitfire and I would suggest you enroll yourselves in some obedience classes.

May 17th, 2009, 08:21 AM
I can understand some of what you say here. I have always has purebred keeschonds and now have a 9 wk old lab/husky. We have a tendency to compare but here is what I will ask you to consider puppies are really no different than your children no matter what breed they are individual. :lightbulb:Please stop expecting this growth period to be predictable. You are lucky in the sense that mixed breeds are commonly known to have a more balanced temperment. So if you think your pet is MORE stubborn because of the two breeds the answer in NO it is the opposite.
All the points you describe above are totally natural and because we both have the same breed and mine a puppy too I will tell you to take a positive approach not a negative one in this case the growth process will be much easier that way. Statistically the main reason why so many pets end up in shleters in because people really didnt know what to expect and were painfully unprepared for the hard work that goes into raising a pup. There are no easy solutions here. Be consistant and recognize that the pup reads your ENERGY whether negative or positive thats the result you get back from it.:D
Good luck and dont give up adopting from shelters is a stellar thing to do and your heart is in the right place be patient and you will be rewarded for it. This I guarantee:)

May 17th, 2009, 08:34 AM
Snow, although that is an excellent answer this post is over a year old.

May 17th, 2009, 08:50 AM
Hi thanks! I thought it was an interesting situation, I am in a simila place but not a training debutant so I thought a little positivitly will do the poster some good! ::)I was looking for some indication as to how big my baby girl "snow" a lab/husky will get. I love her to death! I am so used to my 5 year old kees and he is totally different from her and all my kees before him have been also so I know not to expect the same anything from her. But I am still curious to find out what she will look like and how much she can weigh. Right now she is snow white in coat has the long lean body of a lab but stark blue eyes of a husky and has a semi howl developing too she "talks" not even remotely a bark.:lovestruck:

If you have any clues I would love to know!I

l love her already though she came from a kill shelter through a local rescue she was spending a day at the local pet store where they had cleaned up all the cages of their HIGH DOLLAR animals but left Snow and her sister to dwell in their poo n pee it made me very mad! After throwing a fit at the store:p I called the rescue and told them what was happening there and took both of them in that night. (How could I not!?)Snow's sister was adopted out and I kept Snow.