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Halifax may pause on cat bylaw

February 26th, 2008, 07:52 PM
Halifax may pause on cat bylaw

By AMY PUGSLEY FRASER City Hall Reporter
Tue. Feb 26 - 8:46 PM

[The proposed costs of a new animal shelter may cause the Halifax Regional Municipality to hold off on implementing its controversial animal bylaw on April 1.(ERIC WYNNE / Staff / File)</p>]

Cat lovers in the Halifax region may have reason to celebrate.
Regional councillors plan to hold another public hearing about removing provisions regarding cats in the controversial animal bylaw, due to take effect April 1.

The public hearing, which has not been scheduled yet, would give residents a chance to speak on changing the law that had so many cat lovers on edge last fall.

Some regional councillors at the time scoffed at spending up to $3 million on a new shelter that would handle the influx of animals because of the bylaw's restrictions.

The Nova Scotia SPCA said recently that it would not be able to handle such an influx in its current facility.

Coun. David Hendsbee (Preston-Lawrencetown-Chezzetcook) suggested Tuesday evening holding a "petiscite", or plebiscite, on the issue in conjunction with the October municipal elections.

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r2020 wrote:
Guess what! Our beloved city council is running scared because they know they will be out of their plum jobs if it went through.

Michele1 wrote:
GIVE IT UP!!! There are a lot more serious things going on in our society than worrying about kitty cats! Concentrate on getting better HOUSING...HEALTH CARE...SECURITY...YOUTH OFFENDER'S ACT(might not be the exact Act) You get my meaning! prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect....GET WITH THE PROGRAM and DO YOUR JOB!!!

baddogbob wrote:
Out here in the boonies we have problems with coyotes. I have suggested in the past that we ship a portion of our problem (the coyotes) to Halifax because I am convinced our problem would help alleviate part of your problem with cats. To this date none of your politicians have seen fit to look at this as a viable option so I guess you'll all have to put up with the cats..

quietobserver wrote:
Please, stop spending money on cats when there is no snow removal budget left. Add the 3 million you would have spent on the cat facility to next year's snow removal budget, or better yet, use it for a reason not to increase property taxes this year. Or, how about using it to fund disposal of electronics, instead of hitting us with yet another tax for that. We are all sick of you wasting our money blindly. If you ran your households like you run the city, you would all be bankrupt. I guess the spouses must control the funds in council households.