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Sudden Strange Behavior

Snickers' Mom
February 25th, 2008, 07:25 PM
:) Hi All! We are new to the forum. Found it when I was looking for information on our NEW problem. My Shi tzu is 5 years old and a common, ordinary house pet. He plays like a puppy and loves everyone except other dogs. He is seen on a regular basis by our Vet and has not had any problems.
(Except that my Vet said I should not have gotten him at a Pet Store as those are usually puppymill dogs) She and I do not agree on this but I did get him on sale because he was growing up. But that lonely "smile" hooked me immediately.

Starting with the night of the lunar eclipse, he was napping and suddenly jumped up with a startled look and immediately begged to go out. My husband took him out and when it was time to come in he would not come in. Had to finally be carried in. A short time later he came to me and wanted to go out. I took him out and we walked around the block. Arriving home, he sat down and did not want to come in. He stuck right by our side until bedtime. He then slept on our bed (not unusual). We thought maybe somehow the eclipse affected him.

Two nights later, the same thing happened with the same routine. The basic odd behavior is 1) jumping almost straight up from a sound nap; 2) refusing to come back in; 3) sitting in front of the house and staring at it. At no time did he shake, shiver or whine.

By the way, he never does any of his business on these urgent trips outside.

Has anyone had similar events? He is way too well to take to the vet over this as his daily routine and feeding is normal.

Thanks for any comments.

February 26th, 2008, 11:34 AM
I often think the moon affects our French Bulldog. He sometimes goes a bit nuts during a full moon and runs around like hes possessed. And he gets these crazy eyes. We have used several herbal tinctures with some positive results.

Has there been any changes to his diet or any new pets introduced into the house hold? Has anything traumatic occur lately? Is he well exercised? Maybe he needs a friend to play with?

Maybe he is having nightmares or there is an animal that has moved into your backyard and your dog hears it (Them) during the night? There are many good herbal calmers and remedies out there that might help. E-mail me or PM me and I can recommend some of the ones we carry in our store.

I think a vet visit would be in order if the problem continues (as it is best to rule out physical possibilities), But I also think there are many natural solutions that are much cheaper (And possibly more effective) that you should try first. I hope this helps a bit, let us know how it progresses. :ca: