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help trying to help older cat adjust to new kittys

February 24th, 2008, 07:22 AM
HELP we just brought home two new kittys, both 6 months old, boy and girl. We spay/neutered them after we got them, about three weeks ago. Our older boys (3 original age 2 and our 4th age 1 ) have adjusted great with the exception of Lucky one of the original 3. We kept the newbies seperated for 1 week, watching the interaction, letting them out of the room slowly. When Lucky sees them he lunges, hisses, growls, and swipes. We have squirted, rescue remedied, use pherimones, distracted, and now seperated the new ones again. What to do? We dont want to re home .

February 24th, 2008, 08:21 AM
You could try putting some baby powder on your hands and rub it on each of them....this way they all smell the same...give it some time and see if it iworks. My vet told me to do this when I brouth either of my 2 home from a vet visit...They would fight like crazy...he said it was because of the smell...they didnt smell the same.. The other thing that comes to mind is some can buy them at the vets offce and some pet stores..They are a wall plug in or a spray. It is sometimes hard to get it shipped into Canada so you may have to look at some options. There are some members here who use the phermones and may be able to provide some more info for you...

Good Luck


February 24th, 2008, 11:48 AM
Introductions can take months... and hissing, growling, and a few skirmishes are expected. Your older cat may just be asserting dominance. If he is not actually hurting the younger kittens, which I imagine he's not, seperating them is just drawing out the introduction process. Most times the hissing and growling and pawing sounds and looks bad to us... but is just communication between the cats. It's like the older cat is just saying to the little ones... I'm not happy you're here... so stay away from me until I adjust. I have 6 now and all of the introductions included a few fights and a whole lot of hissing and growling until the new ones found their own places... and found out when they could and could not approach the older residents. Just keep a water bottle at the ready in case any skirmishes get too aggressive, and allow them to work out the kinks so to speak. You may find that after a few hours once the initial shock subsides, they will cautiously approach each other and sneak sniffs while they are sleeping. Best of luck. :goodvibes:

February 24th, 2008, 03:01 PM
It always takes time, sometimes even longer tan a week but more important than the time is giving the newbies first, their own place separately which you did - concurrently giving the resident cat the same amt of love and caring. No changes and cats LOATHE change it truly stresses them and this has been proven scientifically.

Two of the best assistive ways are the use the towel trick and the vanilla trick. Take a towel or a few- and rub the current cat with it and then do the same with the newbies. Then rub the resident cat again with it. They both become accustomed by the smell - because that is ow cats ID each other (Think of when one cat - of you have more than one, returns from the vet's or somewhere else - the other one does not initially recognize his or her mate because they have the smell of the vet - that can be especially bad since many cats associate the C-W0-TR with not nec'ly a good time, <G>) - mainly by smell - so if they all smell the same, you should (emphasis should, it does not always work - like everything else, it depends on various factors) .

The other idea is to dab a little bit of vanilla under the chins of each of the kitties and the vanilla neutralizes the unique smells of the cats. So do it to each cat concurrently and see how they then react to one another, especially Lucky. Lucky may also be feeling a little out of sorts since his space has been invaded. As long as he gets the same love and care he is used to and no major changes occur-keep his food bowls and his toys and his things where they usually are so he does not feel too stressed. (If you have not already done this).

Good luck!!!

February 24th, 2008, 06:42 PM
we did the towel trick, (before we did the actual intro) I know cats will hiss and growl, maybe even a few swipes when intorduced. We brought home a kitten last year and within 3 days all was ok., but this time lucky is acting really agressive. We are trying the vanilla thing, and have traded rooms so they can smell each other. It seems like Lucky doesnt even take the time to sniff them, just hurls himself across the room at them, lands on top of them and claws them, the screams bring us running. The phermones we tried didn't work. Should we confine lucky to another room when he acts out?
Its hard to watch.