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Cat Toilet Trouble! Help!

Pinki Madison
February 23rd, 2008, 04:41 PM

I have a 6 month old female moggie, when i got her, i retrained her to do the toilet in her tray.

She suddenly stopped using it and doing the loo on my leather couches, we eventually managed to get her to stop by using water and behaviour spray.

I went out last night, and came home to poo on both couches! :(

Cleaned it up, and all was well.

Went into the living room about 30 mins ago, and there she was, just finished doing it again.

I dont know what else i can do to stop her doing it. I dont want to get rid of her but i dont want my new couches wreaked either.

Any ideas?


February 23rd, 2008, 05:27 PM
Have you taken her to the vet to see if there's a medical reason? Sometimes if cats are constipated or if there's pain involved with defecating, they'll go outside the litter box.

Also, has anything changed, like the type of litter or location of the litter box? Do you keep her box spotless (like clean it out at least once a day)? Perhaps she'd prefer 2 boxes (some cats don't like to pee and poo in the same box). Here is a link to some info about inappropriate elimination:

February 24th, 2008, 01:36 AM
I agree that a vet check is a good idea to rule out any underlying medical issues. Often if a cat is having difficulties he will associate the litter box as a source of pain so will avoid it. My boy cat Fred hates having a covered litter box to poop so I have had to come up with a solution to provide an open litter box that is still dog proof. Many times it is just trial and error. Perhaps try a different kind of cat litter? I have had great success using a natural pine clumping litter that is also flushable :thumbs up.

I would also suggest laying something like aluminum foil sheets on your couch when it is not is use to discourage her from using it.

Good luck.