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New addition! Possible demodectic mange?

February 21st, 2008, 10:13 PM
Hi all! Some of you may remember Helix, our Alaskan Klee Kai pup. Well, this weekend we adopted a little sister for him! She's an 8 month old Norwegian elkhound/ Labrador mix named Kira (I posted some pictures in the pet photo section). She was previously dumped on a farm in Northern Saskatchewan, then the farmer kept her for a while until she started chasing his cows. In this time she was eating uncontrolled amounts of raw meat (probably carcasses from hunting) and she became quite overweight. When she went to the shelter, she was very stressed and lost a lot of weight- now she is close to a normal weight (about a month after she was surrendered). Despite all of this, she's a wonderful, affectionate and playful girl and the perfect fit for our family.

I checked her out thoroughly when we got her (2 days after she was spayed) and the only thing I could notice that might be a problem was some crusty light brownish scabs on the outer edge of one of her ears. There is a bit of hair loss and the area seems pink if the scabs are scraped off. The ear does not seem to bother her- she doesn't scratch it at all, she lets me touch it and it doesn't smell. It wasn't noted by the vet that spayed her, but they may not have looked for it. We're planning a vet appointment in just over two weeks for her booster shots, but we will definitely go sooner if this is a problem. From the descriptions I have read, it seems like it may be an isolated patch of demodectic mange. I'm hoping that now that she's eating a good diet (Innova puppy for now - we'll probably rotate that with Orijen puppy- as well as raw meaty bones, chicken feet and salmon skin dog treats) and now that she's settling into her new home with lots of love and attention, that it will heal up quickly and won't be a life long problem. I'm planning a good bath for her on Sunday to get her all cleaned up if she'll let me.

If anyone has any other suggestions or concerned, I'm all ears! I just want to make sure we get our new little girl as healthy as possible!

February 22nd, 2008, 08:57 AM
Congrats on the new addition, Cram!

I was trying to get a look at her in your other thread but the crappy phone lines out here are preventing my modem from downloading pics right now. :frustrated:

If you think the patch might be mange, measure the area so you have an objective standard to judge by. Then keep an eye on it. If it's demodectic mange, it will spread, or other patches will crop up, so check her over frequently.

If it doesn't spread and doesn't seem to bother her, then two weeks is probably okay to wait--but make sure they do a scraping of the area when she goes in. If they find demodex mites, they'll likely prescribe a topical for her, just to make sure she's got it under control.

Our Macie came to us with demodectic mange, and despite fitting in well, getting better food, and being showered with love, the mange did spread a bit for a month or so till her immune system had a chance to get more robust. We used Goodwinol on her--the patches were mostly on her face--and after a few weeks of treatment the hair began to grow back. :highfive:

I'll bet Helix is delighted to have a permanent playmate! :dog: :dog: :D

February 22nd, 2008, 03:01 PM
Home prepared wholesome foods will help work from the inside out. Also supplement with oils like olive and fish oils. Give sardines, salmon a couple of times a week.

I've had great luck with using oregano oil in this sort of situation before.
Mixing it with ice cream just two or three drops of it two or three times a day in some yogurt or ice cream.