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National Geographic Animal Issue(March 08)

February 21st, 2008, 07:11 PM
Anybody got that? I was so excited that I ran around the house screaming "Yes!!!! Mwahahaha!!!!". But there's a advertisement on the back advertising "Blue Buffalo" dog food. Since most people say to stay away from food that are advertised, I was just wondering if people should say away from this. You can't get it at the grocery store and it seems pretty safe and all(I didn't research it yet because of all the homework) but didn't it just pay money to be advertised? Or did National Geographic just paste it on there because it was a good food? Got me confuzzled:confused:I don't own any pets but wanted some tips from this site so yeah, I'm just asking. =) My hamster died a year ago and my beta fish died after living for 2 years at my home and still trying to get my hands on a kittay from the THS. Did all my homework and everything so:D Oops, I think I got a bit off topic...

So should Blue Buffalo be trusted?:confused: And sorry if I seem like I'm trying to make all advertised foods seem bad:o