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2 rants!

February 21st, 2008, 06:34 PM

ok so Ive had a long couple of days. My good friend (21) was to be at home alone cuz her mom was with her bro in toronto getting lasik surgery done.

She asked if I could stay with her the first night, she didnt want to be alone. No biggie. I went over (even though she called me at 12am and i was in my pjs all ready for bed) cuz what are friends for?

So this is more a rant at parents that don't teach their kids anything!!!

Turns out they have an alarm system but she doesnt set it because "she cant remember the code...her bro knows it" ..mmmkkay...lets put a frozen pizza in the oven "do we have to take those rack things out?...wait how do we know its preheated?" Her mom called and freaked out we were using the oven :shrug: we are both uni student in our last yr!!!!

Ok, so day 2 I sleep at home cuz I got no sleep there cuz she sleeps at like 4am and spent the night talking to me about her love life ...that's fine it was fun but I needed sleep so I went home. She calls me "my tv isn't working" ..we had watched movies the night b4...I told her just to make sure all the wires are in "I tried but I dunno". I was busy at home all day and came in the next was a matter of putting in the red, yellow and white wires from the back of the vcr to the cable box ...."my brother deals with these things"

mmmokkayyyy... she apparently didnt sleep the night cuz she kept hearing 'weird noises', so i felt bad and stayed with her. We went to the grocery store and she bought loads of chips and chocolate and basically lived on that for the next 3 days. "ure fridge is full of food, ure mom froze so many dishes for u...lets heat those for dinner" ..."I dont like cold food" ...."heat it in the oven/ microwave?" ..."that takes too long, plus I dont like stale food"

mmmmmkaaaay :wall:. All the dishes kept piling up from break/lunch/dinner and she sleeps in to like 2pm, so I washed some dishes. She then says its been a long time she got the mail so goes and gets it, then she just plops it on table. "arent u gonna sort thru it?" "Oh I dunno about these mom and bro handle it...I dont know anything about bills :D except when my cell bill is too high :laughing:"

What the heckity heck??? Shes my good friend like I said and I knew she was a bit "omg ewwwwwww I cant rinse the blood" and shes a very picky eater, has to have her onions and tomatoes etc invisible in food else she picks them out, but I mean come on????? There were many more frustrating things..cant remember. perhaps what frustrates me most is that she was engaged last yr but broke it off and now is looking to get engaged in the summer. How?????? She cant even feed herself!!! How can she be responsible for a family???

2nd rant

I went to the pet store to pick up catgrass for my kitties and in came this old old man with his dog and when in the store he took doggie of leash. No probs, its a pet store afterall. So I was leaving and said dog was looking out the door, I didnt want to let him out so I was reachig for his collar (ok maybe stupid idea cuz maybe he wasnt too friendly) when this woman starts to open the door to come inside I ask her to please wait a second and sort of hold the door closed as I try to reach for the collar (meanwhile old man is somewhere in the store) and she gives me a weird look, opens the door fullly saying "im in a hurry....dont worry I like dogs":wall:

Dog of course runs out of the store and I run after him. This store is on one of the busiest streets in the city and its rush hour. So there I am running after this dog, the woman comes out of the store cuz she forgot her purse in the car or something sees me and yells "U should keeep ure dog on leash!!!"...ummm how about some help???? Do i really have to explain its not my dog ???? Long story short, I almost got runover running into the street, grabbing the dog, who I guess startled and growled at me. I then dragged him back to the store, beaming cuz I was getting these horrible pictures of the sweet old man who was going to lose his dog

Sweet old man cussed me out!!!!! for letting out his dog????


February 21st, 2008, 06:40 PM
Sometimes I guess it does not pay to be nice. I would have cussed him back out. LOL

February 21st, 2008, 06:45 PM
heheh sometimes being an introvert has so many advantages :D...I wouldn't have run out after the dog. 1. because ..umm..i'm an introvert and that would mean dealing with people's stupid reactions :laughing: 2. because stupid people should learn their lesson and not be :loser:

:grouphug: sorry you got yelled at. People are quick to point fingers at others for their own mistakes. That's ALL that this was. :loser: man.

as for parents and their children...i don't think this is an issue of parents not teaching their kids anything...i think it's something to do with parents being too "helpful". When i used to live at home my mom would NOT let me do my own laundry. It was ridiculous. She was set on doing it cos she's my mom and therefore I'm incapable and she either didn't trust me or...whatever i dunno. And i wasn't exactly allowed to make my own food either because ..."we;re a family! we eat the SAME thing!" :rolleyes::laughing:

go give Hazel and Onnie a hug to make you feel better ...and see my new Peanut picture thread :D:laughing:

February 21st, 2008, 06:47 PM
lol, I wish I could.

rottielover, I once was rinsing dishes in the sink and my mom came to the sink to poor out some water from the steamer...there was huge splash up and it allllll splashed on my hand (accident of course) So I screamed "*****".

My mom gave me the biggest lecture....we dont say those words in this house!!! What's wrong with u?? U have no manners??? hand later formed a huge blister...was not pretty. So basically we are a 'polite' household...too much for our own good.

February 21st, 2008, 06:55 PM
lol ..true jiorji...but are u looking to get married now? :shrug:

I just have a thing for old ppl...ok..wait no..sounds totally wrong. Lol, we just realllllly respect our elders in my culture ...and theyre so sweet ..usually :loser:

offf to check-out peanut :D

oh that reminds me...friend wants a cat, but friend screams when my cats come up to her "they spooked me". When we had stepped in the house to give my mom something after grocery store she had taken hazel into the car so we could ' take him with us' cuz 'hes so cute'.

If she didnt have such a ' in my own world' look on her face I would have screamed at her. Umm my kitties..dont touch. thank u.

I know I sound horrible cuz im saying she's my good friend...she IS, but she is just so clueless sometimes.

February 21st, 2008, 07:05 PM
lol ..true jiorji...but are u looking to get married now? :shrug:

no........:sad: Last I checked Johnny Depp still taken :laughing::laughing:

February 21st, 2008, 07:13 PM
I'm willing to share jiorji :p:laughing::D

February 21st, 2008, 07:24 PM
OMG! Your friend is pretty sad. How can someone be so helpless and not realize it? What kind of a guy would be attracted to a girl like that anyway? I think what blew me away the most was hearing that her mom freaked on her for "using the oven." We can clearly see she comes by this honestly. :shrug:

February 21st, 2008, 07:31 PM
Maybe he wants a good little 'trophy wife'

She's very into her looks, dresses up for uni etc...starves herself (in my her opinion "i want to gain weight...i try..but i cant..its soooo hard..eats half a slice of pizza").

Jim Hall
February 21st, 2008, 08:33 PM
lmao can you say spoiled boys and girls?

how old is this child?

ANd mom fraks when y'all use the oven way too funny

"i dont like stale food" she must meet DU sometime

February 21st, 2008, 08:59 PM
She's 21, like me.

I dunno, I mean I understand coming from a 'privelaged' household ( we had a live in houskeeper till we moved to Canada), but even then my mom made us say help out with the room cleaning.

For example the hkeeper would dust and vacuum, we would sort our toys.

When old enough, we would watch things in the oven...bake cakes for out when there are big dinner parties. I really think one of the best ways to bond as a family is too cook/eat together.

Perhaps one of the things we dont do as a whole as children is the laundry, well no we do washing but not ironing, but that's only because my mom has certain 'standards' as to how crisp our things would look and believes it reflects on she irons herself.

I dunno...I find too many younger kids now do absolutely nothing. Especially if they are 'rich'....u can balance having help with still learning how to be independant. U never know what will happen one day, $ can be lost.

It's just ridiculous when her mom has to come back from a social event or something to heat up the food for the kids. Your child is 21. not 5...she can cook for herself...even make a bowl of cereal/ whatever...she can certaintly heat up the meal u made for her!!!