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Food Aggression

February 21st, 2008, 04:53 PM
You know, Ive raised dogs many years ago and never had any problem for anything whatsoever. 25yrs later we decide to get a GSP. He is now 4 1/2months old. He is extremely smart (not saying that cause he's my dog). I started to train him when he was 2 months old. Today without any problem he sits, stays, down, heels etc etc with or without a leash. But to this day their is only one problem i still cant get it through his head is when we feed him he gets extremly aggressive but ONLY with other animals NOT us humans. He will snap any dog or even our cat in the face if they go near his food. Trust me, i keep a thin choker chain on him cause of that to grab him in the act. We are extremely firm with him. We will say NO firmly, and that doesnt work, we will grab the chain and yank it firmly and he just doesnt care like it doesnt hurt the little hmmm ok i will call him bugger, like it goes in one ear through the other. I was in the park last night and a dog owner had treats, all 3 dogs were sitting infront of the guy waiting. So the guy takes a piece gives one to one dog and mine snapped at that dog and the guy new what to do and said firmly no cause i wasnt beside him. So that was good of him to take over on the spot. Then the guys gives one treat to my dog and tht was ok till he gave one to his dog and mine again snapped. So i walked up to my dog and yanked him and firmly said NO. I know when i bought that dog he was with his siblings and they all ate together so its like first come first serve and yes he was the chubbies one... so I guess he's been doing that for a while. The owner would spilt them but had to go work too. He wasnt there 24hrs a day either.

Today we tried something with the cat. Our cat is a year old and was here a year ago so the dog was the newcomer. He is use to the cat but not when it comes to his food. When I feed my dog he sits and stays till i give the ok. He knows even without me telling him. I make him wait about a minute and walk around. Then i say Ok go. Anyone can go in his bowl and take it away or play in it and he wont do anything at all. Its only with other animals. Any suggestions out there. Trust me we do everything and yes it is very firm and we dont repeat 20thousand times. Just a one NO or one HEY.

thank you for any suggestions


February 23rd, 2008, 12:49 AM
I would suggest handfeeding him for a while. Hold the food in your hand in a tight fist to begin with and only allow the dog to have it when he sits quietly and moves his muzzle away from your hand, then open your hand and let him have the food. You can work up to having the cat in the room while you are feeding. If he shows any signs of agression then simply stand up and put the food away.

I also don't think that yanking the choke chain is an effective tool. I would recommend placing the dog into a down stay instead. Also, I would be sure that treats are only given when the dog has earned them (i.e. sit, stay, shake paw etc.).

Good luck.

February 25th, 2008, 04:37 PM
Hmmm I knew this was going to happen...Maybe i didnt explain properly. There is nothing wrong with the dog towards humans and even with water he will drink in the same bowl with other animals and its ok. Its like only treats or bone and yes his food. I dont see why he should be hand fed. Very often he doesnt eat all of his food just leaves it there. I think if i hand feed him it would be cause him to understand its his food and not to worry he will get it all. I find hand feed dogs its because they dont want to eat and your trying to feed them so they get something down. I dont see the purpose for aggression. Maybe Im wrong I dont know. I never had to had feed any of my dogs through out my life time. Its a first i see any of my dogs do something like that. I find its more like this is my food and you stay away. Dont worry I do also like you say make him sit, stay down or whatever and he just doesnt care. Guess i got one of them pig He would be good if he was raised in the woods like wolves.."to eaches own" Like i said maybe its me thats not saying it right. If i hand feed him and the other GS my brother has he wont do that cause the other dog wont be sitting side to side but in they go in his bowl haaaaaa now thats different. The treats are the same. If you drop it by mistake they both go for it and now you will see he snaps but if you give it to them and they are like a foot apart or 2 its ok. Also last night an example my brother came with his dog and that dog came in and usually when they see one another they are all over each other playing and so happy to see one another but when the other dog came in my house our dog jumped him like its my territory. Then i grabbed him to snap him out of it and he was ok. Like its for a spilt second he does that. And yet if i go to my brothers house my dog wont do that. Just whatever belongs to him. Territorial dog. He's still young but like any dogs you got to keep an eye out on them.

cheers Terri