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9 week golden can't stop nipping!!!

February 20th, 2008, 05:13 PM
We have a nine week old golden retriever puppy. When she plays with us, she won't stop nippnig. How do we teach her not to bite when playing with us. We tried showing her that it "hurts" when she nips. We tried putting her in her crate. We tried raising our voice. No effective long term results. Any other suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

February 20th, 2008, 05:31 PM
Our puppy did the same thing at that age. You have to take into concideration how young she is and that she is probably teething. Also you should never discipline your puppt by putting her in her crate, you want her to like the crate not think shes in trouble every time she goes in. When she nips firmly say no, and or yelp as if you are one of her litter mates and stop playing with her and give a toy to chew on instead. It will take some time all puppy's love to chew and will nip alot while teething.

Also be carefull with disciplining your pup as shes in the crucial state where small things like that can create fears for the future.

Congrats on the new pup, Golden retrievers are wonderful dogs.

Amy P
February 21st, 2008, 03:42 PM
This is what we had to do....we let out a loud yelp when ours nipped us and sat down with out looking at him. We starred straight ahead (no eye contact) and didn't react to him trying to continue to play with us. When he calmed down and realized that we wouldn't play or even look at him we waited a minute or so and then calmly began to talk to him telling him "no bite" and then continued to play. I've watched our neighbors dog do the same type of thing when he bites her too hard when they are playing. She sits with her back to him starring straight ahead and doesn't react to him at all until he begins to calm down. Once he calms down she begins to play with him again. His biting her has become few and far between. (It actually is really funny to watch her not react to him while he jumps around like a if to say OK OK come on I'm sorry let's play!!!!:laughing:) Depending on your puppies "stubbornness" (for lack of a better word) it could take a few minutes for him to calm down or up to an hour. But stick with it, he'll realize that if he nips you won't play, and don't get me wrong it doesn't mean he won't ever nip again but it will become few and far between. (At least it is for us, he rarely nips now)...I hope this helps!!! Good luck! :fingerscr Would love to see some pics too!:D:lovestruck:

-Amy P

February 21st, 2008, 08:03 PM
Consistency and patience. :D Puppies naturally play using their mouths, so it will take a while for her to get the idea. But she will.

At 9 weeks, she likely hasn't started teething--that usually starts at about 4 - 6 months. By then, she'll have likely sort of figured out that nipping isn't acceptable, but when teething starts, she'll relapse. Never fails. :o Their gums hurt and chewing becomes an irresistible urge again.

One thing I've discovered that helps the humans is to invest in a cheap pair (or better yet, two pairs) of bicycle gloves. Look for the kind with swede or vinyl over the palm and back of the hand, with cut-off fingers. They're invaluable for preventing 'hamburger hands' until your pup gets the hang of 'no bite' and makes it through teething.

Good luck with your new pup! And I'll second that request for pictures! :D

February 22nd, 2008, 09:11 AM
My three month old Yorkshire Terrier (tea cup size), might be small in stature, but she sure has a good "bite". I just got her a week ago and she won't let us even pet her unless she is very tired. When she is tired, she loves to be held and cuddled. But when she wakes up eats and comes out of her pen, we reach down to pet her..she starts biting and nipping right away. I am thinking that she wants to play and she that is the only way she knows how to play. I am going to try the yelping and staring straight ahead and see if this helps :shrug:

Jim Hall
February 22nd, 2008, 10:53 AM
thats the best way ive found with cats and dogs yelp and run away and ignore it may take a while but they will get the idea that rough play will mean no play

February 22nd, 2008, 02:57 PM
It's common puppy behaviour. They would do it with their mom and litter mates and that is how they learn to socialize. Us humans if we dont know how to socialize with them like a dog wont' get it.
Best thing for your pup is to find other pups for him to play with and learn this valuable social tool. It's not biting or aggression it's what they're supposed to do. Also teething is a big part of it and give beef / chicken broth ice cubes or a wet frozen face cloth to chew on or a raw beef knuckle bone.

But for sure socialize with other pups and other dogs, best thing you can do for your dog.