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Age old issue - Dogs pees in house

February 19th, 2008, 01:03 PM
HI I have been reading several of the threads about dogs peeing in the house after being house trained...and the responses usually ask has there been a change? I don;t see anyone saying yes...but MY dog (whippet) who gets a LOT of love - he is 4 1/2 yrs old...has not peed in the house more than maybe 1-2 times in his adult life....but I DO have a new boyfriend. He is very kind to my dog (one of the endearing qualities of him) and allowed him to stay at his house when I started sleeping over there this month. My dog met this guy many times before so he is not new to him....he was a good friend for 2 yrs before he became my boyfriend... but I knew the rules with this guy that my dog would not be able to sleep in the bed with us...(my dog has slept with me every night since i got him - except with a former boyfriend who was NOT nice to him and wanted me to trade the dog for him.... he of course is history 2 yrs ago.....). BUt this guy is very loving, plays with him, etc he just does not want him in the room when we sleep as he is a very light sleeper. SO my dog sleeps in his soft bed with his blankets in the Living Room at my house on the weekends at my house and then in the basement (which my boyfriend puts the heat on just for my dog) with his velour soft pillow beds and we even TUCK him in his blankets etc and kiss him good night!

But he pooped twice and peed like 6 times in the 3 weekends I slept at my boyfriend's house when I took him out for a walk before hand. AND now all of a sudden he peed 2 times this week at MY house when it was just us (dog and me). SO given that there is this change in the "pack" though my boyfriend and I spend a lot of time and energy to MAKE "my baby" a part of the pack i.e. when we watch TV we pet him and he lays his head down on us etc (last boyfriend couldn;t stand the dog anywhere near him watching TV and din;t care about him being a part of the pack), if he is peeing because of any jealousies or separation issues (imagined) WHAT do I do about it.....

I feel I may eventually push the envelope of havin gmy dog at his house or that my dog misbehaves so much he won;t want me to be his girlfriend.... PLUS it is expensive! when my dog pees on a brand new rug of $200! PLus the time to clean it do I comfort my "puppy" enough to know he will be OK and I love him just as much as I ever did....and that (I tell him all the time) that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and that God gave him to me to steward and take care of him (we even pray before his dinner believe it or not!) - btw - I don;t have kids and I waited 6 months to get a dog and this was exactly what I wanted...couldn;t have gotten a closer match to the kindof dog, color, personality, breed, etc....almost like asking God for the qualities of the guy I want and now I got THAT too!


February 19th, 2008, 02:59 PM
What type of activities do you do with the dog? Active social things like playing in a dog park with other dogs, walks, fetch, kong? What do you do that way?

When you spent the night wth the bf was your dog left home alone?

Your dog was your centre of attention now sharing with the bf it's a natural thing to have anxiety with, esp with a dog with sensitive feelings.

Could be some submissive urination or just very confused and anxious with the new situation. Why not tell bf to make a big fuss over the pooch when he comes over giving you a hug first them to the dog with lots of pats and praise and hey maybe you can ALL go for a walk to the park and throw a ball round.

Good test of the bf as well to see what kind of character he is.

I'm sure with persistance of attention and care and TIME with the dog it'll all work out.

The dog may have fear association with the male figure as well if you dont know the dogs history before you adopted him.