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Kitten with Liver Problems (Tresaderm Related?)

February 18th, 2008, 11:35 AM
I got my kitten Bella from the shelter in December. When we got her, she was just getting over an URI. Since then, we realized she had ear mites and took her to our vet.

They cleaned her ears, prescribed Tresaderm and gave her the 2nd round of vaccines. After this vet visit, she became lethargic and her appetite started to decrease. When we took her back for her check-up 2 weeks later, they did blood work and found her ALT values (I believe) of 4000 (when they should be around 100). Since then, she's spent a night at the vet to receive IV fluids, vitamins, and antibiotics. She came home and was much more active until I went to finish off her Tresaderm, at which point she started acting lethargic again. I decided to not give her the final dose since everything I've read online said no longer than a week (though I asked my vet numerous times and they insisted on 3 weeks) and at this point her liver problems are far more important. She's been more active since. Is there anyway her decreased liver function could be attributed to the Tresaderm?

I saw an identical question on another site, but they attributed it to 'fatty liver.' Since Bella is so young and her appetite had only been down for a couple days, this is not really a possibility. FIP would be the 'top candidate' in our vet's opinion if she doesn't respond well to the antibiotics she's on. (Unfortunately, her history of a being a feral kitten who was taken to a shelter does make the odds greater that she could have FIP.)

She's currently eating Hill's Prescription Diet (a/d until they get l/d in) and taking .5 ccs of Amoxi-drops and Pet-Tinic every 12 hours. She'll get more blood work later this week, but I wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience with Tresaderm.

(She's also had X-rays which showed her liver was not larger than they would expect for her age.)